Congratulations to Adelaide on the new baby!

At 3:05am on Tuesday June 8, Sweet Adelaide, our 9yo 17h oldenburg mare, had her very first foal, a filly by Nightfall.   Both mother and filly are doing well and had a textbook foaling.   We’re so excited for her arrival!   She is, of course, dark bay.  She does have one right hind sock.    The filly is a textbook Ryan foal….  Short coupled and well balanced with a fabulous hip and a gorgeous dished face.    Like all the Ryan babies, she came out kicking, and stood before her dam.

The funny thing is that Addy wasn’t showing signs yet, as maiden mares are sometimes hard to predict.   So while she was still 20 days to her foaling date, I was awake all night foal watching, but I was watching the OTHER two mares, as they look set to go at any minute, and Addy looked like she still had forever left to go! I’m glad I was awake!

Two foals down, two to go!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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12 Responses to Congratulations to Adelaide on the new baby!

  1. dexter says:

    Congrats to Addy!!! I woke up early this morning and saw the email from Snapfish with new photos … that is the most adorable foal I’ve ever seen! (No surprise, as she has the most gorgeous parents possible.) Now if only Coral would join the motherhood party 😉 Congrats again!!!

  2. How wonderful for you !!! Congratulations. Short term sacrifice (sleep) for long term gain. WIsh I could help.

  3. Here are the names that the brilliant CEO riders have brainstormed so far…. Anyone have any favorites for this baby?

    Night after Night
    Night Song
    Night We Had
    Night Miss
    Night Owl
    Night owl
    Night Shift
    Lady of the Night
    Night Owl
    Night Thyme
    Night Life
    Night Night
    Night Light
    Night and Day
    Night Fever
    Night Moves
    Night Vision
    Night Vigil
    Night’s Rest
    Night Serene
    Night Storm
    Night Curfew
    Night In
    Night Fog
    Night haze
    Night Divine
    Night Light
    Night or Two
    Night Time
    Night Eclipse
    Night or Day
    Night after Night
    Night Shift
    Nights only
    Night off
    Night Watch
    Nights too
    Night’s Sleep
    Night Snack

  4. hfmoore says:

    Any chance her barn name can be BEV? she was born on Beverly’s birthday!

    For show name, how about “Night Surprise?”

  5. hfmoore says:

    Or Night Special?

  6. equestriquin says:

    Haha–Great minds think alike, Howard! I was also thinking of Night Expectation. Might get a little confusing with Expectation and Expedition. There have to be tons of fun Night names for a filly who’s so ready to take on the world!

    Happy Birthday, Bev!

  7. unconsciousbets says:

    Yay Addy!! How exciting, she’s so pretty!
    How about:
    Night At Last
    Finally Night

    (Maybe a little tongue-in-cheek, but she made you earn this filly!! Haha)

  8. swedishmegh says:

    Does the name have to start with “night” or just have “night” in it? If it just has to have “night” in it, what about “An Early Night”?

  9. Kat’s suggestion was to call her Night Serendipity…. Ali added that you could call her Dipity for a barn name.

  10. hfmoore says:

    The CD seems to have taken all of the interest – tough on the older baby when the next is born a day later.

    How about “Saturday Night Live” or some derivative thereof?

  11. bevyc says:

    Oh I did think of another good one. Night Attack. 🙂 Sorry, I seem to like the violent horsey names. Not sure what that means.

  12. You guys are brilliant! She will be “Lexi” for a barn name, a tribute to Lexington, the site of the World Games in 2010 (the year of her birth) since her mom is “Adelaide”, the site of the CCI****. Her show name will be “Night at Last” since it took a few attempts to get her here!

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