Area 3 Championships…. Team CEO alumni Scusami WINS!!!

I am so excited to have received this note this morning!!!   Scusami (aka Biscuit) is a wonderful young Trakehner bred by Jeri Fuller at Wind Ridge Farm.   Scusami was purchased by Marcia Moon and her daughter Kaylen from Team CEO last year, and the pair is absolutely phenomenal.   We couldn’t be happier for them!!!!!

“Hi Megan

Kaylen and Biscuit qualified… for the Region 3 championships-they went in this weekend and had the ride of their life!! They won in a really big division(21 or 22) with a 29.1! Biscuit was just a superstar! She has really turned into a lovely mare-the judge said she is elegant! She and Kaylen work very hard and it paid off big! They are looking forward to AEC Nationals in September-hope to see you there! Photos should be on hoofclix soon.

All the Best
Marcia Moon”


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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3 Responses to Area 3 Championships…. Team CEO alumni Scusami WINS!!!

  1. What sensational news to start the week with !! Proud Momma moments for Megan and I. Another (of many) Team CEO success story !!

  2. hfmoore says:

    This is a tough business with lack of sleep, foaling, injuries, colic, no days off. But it sure does make my day when someone as nice as Kaylen and her mom achieves this kind of success when they’ve worked so hard for it.

    If it were easy, it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying.

    Jeri – got any more of these? That’s 2 for 2 for you!!

    • I have a 6 yr. old stud, 4 yr. old mare, a yearling colt (all full siblings out of a Tk. mane book Dichter mare), and another on the way for March 2011 out of a Tb. Twilight Agenda mare.

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