Flying Cross Horse Trials–Happy Mothers Day!

The Mothers Day horse trial at Flying Cross Farm was a brilliant one today, with temperatures in the 60’s and sunny weather…   We packed up and headed out early with a crew of 6 horses, many of them brand new combination, and some first timers to the eventing world and to eventing with us!   Flying Cross showed us that this is what our sport is all about!   It was SO incredibly special to see some new pairs out and about, figuring out the sport and grinning from ear to ear….   CLICK on the photos for bigger view!

Hayden & Mouse: I believe this weekend was Hayden’s first ever horse trial!   She is about 9 years old, and Mouse is somewhere in his late 20’s…  All weekend, my father Howard was having flash backs to myself riding that same pony at that age!   Of course, Mouse was a 4yo then!      Hayden has been working SO hard on her dressage test, and is so incredibly analytical…. We could all take a lesson from her book!  Her dressage test was incredibly accurate and spot-on, and for her very horse trial she WON the dressage on 28.5!!!!!!!!   We had a learning moment in show jumping, but Hayden did a great job and really learned how to ride.   On cross country, they were unstoppable, jumping clean and looking like old pros!!!   Congratulations to Hayden on her first horse trial with Mouse…. I’m sure they’ll be many more to come!

Kim & Tas: Kim and Tas are a brand new combination this year…. Tas (Sur Le Tas) being one of our darling sales horses from last year, and Kim eventing last year with her previous mount, We Go.    This was their first time out, and WOW did they set the standard high!    Kelly, Sloane, and Kim were all in the same division, and it was an IMPRESSIVE one!  Their big division of very nice horses was extremely competitive, and I’m very proud of all of them!    Kim had a breathtaking dressage test that brought tears to my eyes, and left me pretty much climbing up Kim Branscom’s arm in excitement!    They scored a staggering 30.5 in their very first test together!  The cross country and show jumping were both absolutely simplistic for them, and they skipped around, easily finishing on their dressage score of 30.5 for 4th place!!!

Kelly & Tortellini: Kelly was also riding in her first horse trial this weekend!    Kelly is a student at UK, and we’re so thrilled to be converting her to eventing!    She has been really working hard on her homework with Tortellini, and though they are a very new partnership, they did a great job!    For her very first dressage test ever, she did a great job for a 33.5.   They show jumped double clean, and also went XC double clean, to finish on their dressage score of 33.5!  Most importantly, I think Kelly is now addicted to our sport, and we can’t wait to see more of this talented pair when school resumes this fall.

Sloane & Ravioli: In danger of sounding like a broken record, it was the first horse trial for this pair as well.    Sloane’s dressage test was absolutely gorgeous, and showed moments of absolute brilliance…    I can’t wait to see what this pair can accomplish in the future!  They scored a 31 in dressage.    Both jumping phases came very easily to them, and they skipped around like old pros in both phases.     I think Sloane enjoyed, too, the fact that many people were commenting on how adorable Ravioli is!    (Something Meghan Towle has known for a while! 🙂    They were absolutely brilliant together, and finished in 5th place in that very, very tough division on their dressage score of 31!!!!!

Emily & Zissou: Emily is our working student at Team CEO, and we’re so proud of the work she’s done with her 4yo OTTB Zissou….  We found Zissou on a shopping trip last November while he was still racing, and it was definitely love at first site for Emily.  Just a few short months later, he is doing his second Beginner Novice….  And drumroll please!!!!    At his first schooling show four weeks ago, Zissou scored a 49 in dressage.    In just four weeks, can anyone guess how many points Emily’s hard work has shaved off her dressage score?????       22 points!!!  That must be some kind of record…   They had a breathtaking test for a 27 in dressage, and since she was in my division she definitely had me sweating bullets!   🙂      Their test was absolutely brilliant, and I’m so proud of her hard work…. It is really paying off!   They finished a terrific 3rd place, less than a point out of 2nd, on the strength of beautiful double clean XC and SJ rounds…. Well done!

Megan & Roofie: I entered Roofie at the last minute, when I found out that we would, after all, have a trailer slot available for me to be able to play, too!   I was only able to ride her a couple of times, as Hannah has been doing a great job and doing all of Roofie’s homework for me….     Hannah definitely schooled her well!   Roofie and I learned each other a bit again in the warmup, and when we were on the same page I went to the dressage arena.   When the bell run, I trotted up the centerline….  As I was on the centerline, a horse was inside the garage behind the judge’s booth, and kept flying backwards back out…. Thank goodness Roofie is a darling, because her only response was to twitch an ear forward while the other horse had a meltdown beside the arena!   She was so steady and reliable in her test, and was the epitome of rideable…. I was able to really go after every movement because she is so easy!   Afterwards, I was thrilled with her test… She did everything she could for me.   In show jumping, the turns were really tight, and we definitely added a trot step or two to get it done, but she was a gem and jumped clean.   On XC, she packed me around like an old pro, and was sure to let me know that I was just along for the ride.   Then another competitor pointed out to me that she won the dressage—something I didn’t know since I don’t usually check scores.   When I went to look, she WON the dressage by a pretty large margin, scoring a whopping 23!   She had twelve 8’s on her test!   All the rest were 7’s.   She led start to finish, finishing on her dressage score of 23 and winning in a very impressive division of very nice horses.   This is such a special young lady!!!

Thanks to Howard and Meghan Towle for all the great help this weekend!  I had so much fun—that’s what this sport is about!    It was so special to see all the first timers and new partnerships…  That’s why I do this job!  Thanks for sharing such a special day with us!

Megan Moore

Photo credit…. Thanks to Meghan Towle for all the photos on this page!!


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One Response to Flying Cross Horse Trials–Happy Mothers Day!

  1. swedishmegh says:

    Everyone did a great job! Beautiful farm- hope we consider going to their November mini trial as well.

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