Congratulations to Bev & Indy

Came home tonite to find a large envelope from Lisa Thomas, Area VIII, in the mailbox addressed to Bev.

Beverly and Mood Indigo finished with the 5th highest point total in all of USEA Area VIII in Beginner Novice, Adult Amateur, for the 2009 season. WOW!!!    (Especially since she lives two hours from Team CEO, driving four hours round trip to come ride with us, frequently on work nights!)

It’s a particularly poignant award, as 2009 will be Indy’s final season; we lost the fight for his last eye this fall (from a hereditary eye issue). But he’ll still be around, teaching the little ones how to behave and how to be an event horse. Always work for tomorrow, but be sure to cherish what you have today!



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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4 Responses to Congratulations to Bev & Indy

  1. swedishmegh says:

    Congrats Bev and Indy! Indy was such a cool mount, what a great way to end his career.

  2. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I guess great things happen when you pair up a wonderful horse and a super gal! Way to go Indy – good work Bev! You Moores and your apps….a real family favorite! Congrats – Kim B

  3. hfmoore says:

    And she didn’t get her ribbon until I got a HUG!! (I’m big into hugs these days, it goes with getting old).

  4. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Great work, Bev!!!! What a great way to wrap up the year.

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