Winter Inspiration


Here’s a little inspiration to encourage everyone to keep the winter doldrums at bay….   Winter is a terrific time to really bear down and do your homework.  Since the Dressage tests have been changed for 2010, it will be even more important to start studying early!  The movements have changed dramatically at most levels.  Now is a great time to conquer them!   Spending your time to do your homework is a very important part of learning, and one I really value…   I personally can’t wait to spend January and February dedicating my time to dressage, and hope that come April it will show!  (Especially on the many 4yo and 5yo’s we’ll be debuting at BN this year…. Woohoo!)

So the next time it’s cold and snowy outside, start your studying indoors by looking at the new tests for your level this year!

(And until then, please enjoy a little dressage inspiration from some of our students…  Top row:  Holly, Ali, Kim, Otter.  Bottom row: Hannah, Meghan T, Gemma, Maddy. Click on any photo for a larger version.)

Enjoy exploring the dressage tests!



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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5 Responses to Winter Inspiration

  1. equestriquin says:

    What a fun set of pictures! I am going to officially request that we NEVER use BN Test B. Icky!!

    (Having just written that comment, I am now thinking better of it because I know perfectly well what the reaction will be in my lessons…) 😛

  2. Granted, I wish the beg novice was a bit friendlier with the canter depart. But there’s nothing we can do about that but work hard and conquer it! That’s why we’re starting now….

    And Spring Bay HT is running all Dressage tests as test B, so it’s time to start studying! Students at Team CEO: Look forward to a surprise for you coming on Friday!

  3. swedishmegh says:

    I looked at the tests last night and thought “Well… Megan, Beginner Novice Test B, and I will be spending many lessons together.” Definitely looks tricky!

  4. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Kim H and I were talking about the new tests, and thot the BN tests looked harder, and the Tr tests easier? On paper anyway. Being the anal, type A , control freak type – ive worked on dressage all winter in my lessons. Some progress, but hard to tell as I feel like im riding a 16.1 hand wooly goat at present! 15 meter canter circle into 20 meter extended canter circle – in each direction. So ive starting eating wheaties too! Keep at it ladies! See you in the Spring – Kim B

  5. askaggs says:

    Ahhh… warm summer sunshine seeing all of you again. Not only inspiring, but sustaining! Are you working on a calendar of shows for the season? It takes lots of planning ahead to fit showing into a work I am sketching in now….Would like to coordinate with Team CEO. What are you shooting for first?

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