Congratulations to Meghan T., Annette, and Julieanne!

WOW, busy month!    Congratulations to Meghan T, Annette, and Julieanne, who all have new horses for Christmas!!  (CLICK on photos for larger version!

When I took Chelsea, Marybeth, Meghan Towle on a horse buying trip on New Year’s Day, I should have known that four women and a large horse trailer would be a dangerous opportunity…  It was to be one for the record books!

Meghan Towle  fell in love at first sight with her new conquest!  She spotted him immediately upon first arrival, and I think her heart was set then and there.  Who says love at first sight doesn’t exist?   (Well, perhaps that’s only true if it involves a horse!!)  Her new superstar, “Miles”, is such a sweetie…  A few weeks ago Meghan T and I were discussing possible horses for her, and I mentioned how much I love colorful horses.  I’ll never forget Meghan reminding me that “There is no such thing as a good horse in a bad color!”   But later, she caved and wistfully mentioned that she, too, loved colorful horses, but didn’t think we’d be able to find one.   Remember that….     Fast forward a couple of weeks,  and our trip finds Meghan with not just a colorful horse…   Miles is a pintaloosa, with loud 50/50 pinto markings all over his body.  But it doesn’t end there—Miles has all the appaloosa characteristics too, as well as app spots.  And it’s not done yet—for a THIRD layer of color, Miles is actually a blue roan!   I don’t think we’ve actually taken a photo yet, but he’s the definition of colorful!  She has named him “Rhythm & Blues,” aptly named as he is a Blue Roan.  We’re very excited about the future for this pair!

The same day, I had the opportunity to find a first horse for Annette and Julieanne.  It was an absolute pleasure… I was so excited to find a gorgeous pinto mare with the most amazing temperament!   She is incredibly colorful, being completely white except for one very symmetrical black splotch on each flank.  In addition, she has a black mask over each eye, completely symmetrical.   She has a black tail (thank goodness!).   The only thing that isn’t symmetrical is that she has one black ear and one white ear!     We brought her home with us that night, and on Sunday presented her to Julieanne & Annette.   Julieanne’s parents were amazing, and blind-folded her and brought her to the front of the barn, videotaping while they presented their little girl with her very own pony for Christmas!!  (What more could any 9 year old girl want???????)    It was adoreable to say the least.   The girls and I dressed the darling mare up in a Santa hat, garland, and a big bow for the big reveal, and I can tell you from that experience that she has the most wonderful temperament!   Despite weather in the teens, Julieanne had to be absolutely pried off  her horse to go home that day!  (The rest of us were freezing, but I don’t think she felt a thing!) I am so excited for them to have their first horse!   Her name will be Diamond in the Dust, or DD.

So thus ended our New Year’s Day.   We are very excited about the future!



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17 Responses to Congratulations to Meghan T., Annette, and Julieanne!

  1. holzeph says:

    Hooray for NEW HORSIES!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting!!! Congrats to all, can’t wait to see more pictures 🙂

  2. hfmoore says:

    Hmmmm, why does this whole scenario remind me of the phrase, “Cold day in Hades”? As usual, I also am very aware that you have a four horse trailer ………………………….

  3. hfmoore says:

    Meghan, that’s just TOO COOL!!! He is now officially “Four Horse Trailer” and his barn name is …….

    Drum roll please ………………………………….

    FRED!!! What else could it be?

    So, tell us about Miles!!!!

  4. ARGH, I SWEAR, I only bought three horses! And two were for clients! I did NOT fill the trailer…. I did NOT fill the trailer…. I did NOT fill the trailer….

    Trust me, there was plenty of temptation, but I refrained. 🙂

    And please don’t name a horse “four horse trailer.” ???????


  5. And I think Meghan Towle needs to change her profile pic now….

    Megan M

  6. swedishmegh says:

    YES! “Four Horse Trailer” it is! Hahaha. Howard, you should know that my first suggestion for the palomino was “Alfredo” to be “Fred” for short. I’ve got your back.

    Miles seems pretty chill. I think I was sold on him when I saw a gate flying towards his face and he only backed up as far as his rope would allow, stopped and allowed the gate to smack him in the head. He barely flinched. Such an Appy!

  7. hfmoore says:

    Darn, I guess Megan has vetoed us, Meghan!! So the show name search for the Palomino has reopened – but “Fred” is NOT negotiable!

  8. mcbracknell says:

    Congratulations, new horse owners!! Megh, I’m totally with you… Alfredo/ Fred is perfect. I’m psyched to meet the new members of CEO tomorrow!!

  9. hfmoore says:

    You’d better be psyched with a LOT OF WARM CLOTHES!!

  10. murphysgreytrooper says:

    What is with Howard and the name FRED??!!?? He tried to name the new black puppy Fred. What did you end up calling the pup anyway? Not FRED I hope! Were Bev and Megan going to be “Fred” if they were boys? I was supposed to be a Patrick (if I was a boy). A palomino, huh? Might have to check him out. I like gold horses! “Alfredo Sauce” is yellow/blond in color? That could be a cool name. Chicken Alfredo, if he’s not brave. I rode yesterday – an all time LOW on all accounts. Trooper doesnt round when frozen – lesson learned. Miss you all! Happy New Year, and what a great home for all the new horses! Congrats! – Kim B

  11. nancyadams says:

    Well, you already have a Tortellini and and a Linguine…how about Fettucine Alfredo? LOL

  12. hfmoore says:


  13. holzeph says:

    I saw the new trio on Tuesday – they’re all ADORABLE!!! Al-Fred-o has zillions of dapples, even in his winter coat. Can’t wait to see him all shed out, he’ll be gorgeous! And Miles reminds me so much of Ravioli… perfect for Meghan 🙂

  14. Julieanne has decided on a name!! She’ll call her very first pony “Diamond in the Dust” for a show name, and “DD” for short. How exciting!

  15. swedishmegh says:

    Wow- That’s a great name! Excellent work, Julieanne.

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