Octoberfest Horse Trials!!

WOW, what a crazy weekend!!!  Dressage day was cold, wet, rainy, and windy—not exactly weather that lends itself to great dressage tests!!!  But that’s exactly what our ladies and gentlemen did on Saturday… Great dressage tests!!!  We had a TON of riders there, keeping Megan running from warmup to warmup the whole time.  Sunday was much prettier for the jumping phases.  And the potluck lunch on Sunday was AWESOME!!!!!!!  We have some amazing cooks!!!  Here’s the wrapup:

trooper_d_octoberfestJacquelyn Stobbs & Vaquero: This pair did the dressage show this weekend, and scored a terrific 66% in the dressage percentage class!!! WOW!!! I can’t wait to see them out eventing soon!!!

Kim & Trooper: They had a good dressage test, then finished 8th in the Open Training CT on the merits of a double clean show jumping round!!  Only four of the seventeen entries jumped double clean in show jumping!  There were many pros in this division, and Kim did a great job.   They had a great school for their final outing for the year…. With all they’ve accomplished this year, I can’t wait to see them come out next spring and take the world by storm!!!!  (And special kudos to Kim…. She rode at 2pm today, yet was out in the warmup at 8am to cheer on each and every one of our riders….  Thanks for the support!!!)

vaughn_sj_js1Hannah & Vaughn: This terrific pair did their very first Novice this weekend!!!!!!! They had an amazing XC round—their typical, pretty round that I’m so proud of. Unfortunately Hannah had the worst weather of the weekend, going first thing on sunday morning for XC, with the light just peeking over the hills and the frost still on the grass.  The zero visibility to one fence resulted in Hannah having a very honest stop, which sadly dropped her out of the ribbons.  But the biggest story of the weekend for Hannah was the improvement in the dressage…. They scored 33.0 for their best dressage score to date!!!!  Congrats Hannah!!!

mouse_joe_dressageJoe & Mouse: Mouse very kindly stepped in at the last minute for Pongo, who has an abscess.   Of course, we found this out very late in the week, and Joe was a star to essentially catch ride a different pony at the last minute. They had a really terrific dressage test… Who’da thought we’d have a major dressage breakthrough by explaining “Make your 20m circles pumpkins, not bananas!”   LOL, the explainations that work for 8yo kids.  🙂  They scored an outstanding 38 in dressage, and completed this weekend for Joe’s very first HT on anyone other than his darling Pongo.  Very brave!  (And they only added 4 faults all weekend to their great dressage score!)   In addition this adoreable pair (of an 8 year old rider and 25 year old horse—somehow I think it is usually the other way around!!!!) gathered tons of attention and compliments all weekend long…. And more than one threat that someone elsea would steal our darling pony before the weekend was out! 🙂   What a great pony Mouse is!

riddle_d_octoberfestQuin & Riddle: This was the first KHP event for this pair!!  They ran the BN, and did a great job.  Riddle is still a little green on the flat, but they proved that their jumping is an absolute strength!   They had a great show jumping round double clean, and a gorgeous cross country round just a couple seconds over the time. (Literally!  I think they were two seconds over optimum, as they caught the rider ahead of them and were too polite to pass him. ) Quin ribboned 9th in their Beg Novice Senior division!!  I think that they are a really brilliantly matched pair, and what an exciting entrance into the world of eventing…  I suspect we have some very exciting results awaiting these two in 2010!

ravioli_d_octoberfest1Meghan Towle & Ravioli: Also their very first ever horsepark horse trial, Megan and Ravioli were amazing this weekend.  Much like Riddle, they are still learning the dressage, but WOW the jumping!  They had an amazing, smooth, beautiful double clean show jumping round, including flying changes!  On XC, they were unstoppable, easily scoring a clean cross country  round and having an absolute blast.  Meghan told me later, “I want to do all XC, all the time!!!”, still glowing with a grin from her fabulous xc round.  I absolutely love atching these two together… Their personalilties are so similar—they are never in a bad mood, never have an unkind word, and are always giving 110% to every situation.  I loved watching their teamwork this weekend… They were absolutely adoreable!  They FODS, for a terrific 9th place in Senior Starter HT!

buddy_d_octoberfest2Gemma & Buddy: Ditto—Gemma was also doing her very first Starter HT at KHP!  They had a really stellar dressage test that I was absolutely thrilled with.  They earned a great score of 35.0, and I thought it was even better than that.  Gemma tackled the show jumping like a pro, showing it no mercy and earning a double clean round.  On cross country, she did a terrific job of energizing her darling but oh-so-nonchalant partner Buddy into a terrific, clean round!   They very successfully FODS of 35.0!!!!!  Their division was very, very competitive, and they earned a 10th place ribbon for their outstanding weekend.    More importantly than any ribbon, this weekend was clearly the BEST this pair have ever ridden…. I AM SO PROUD!

otter_d_octoberfest2Marybeth & Otter: Otter and Marybeth arrived from California in August, with no prior eventing experience.  This was their first ever outing!!  They did the Senior Beginner Novice this weekend and absolutely starred.  Their dressage test was nothing short of spectacular, very accurage and obedient but also very flashy and fancy.  They earned a 33.0, which I was a little dissappointed with, but still a great score.  They continued on their terrific weekend with a double clean show jumping round and a double clean XC round!!!   I was so proud of Marybeth that she has worked so hard at conquering this talented but difficult mare’s little challenges.  I think we saw a whole new level of riding for her this weekend.  What a great accomplishment!  They finished 6th in Senior BN HT, finishing on their dressage score of 33.0!!!

frosty_d_octoberfestMegan Jansen & Frosty: Megan and Frosty also did their first KHP horse trial this weekend. (Feel a theme?)  I was so proud of her that she really rode him in all three phases. They earned a great 36.0 in dressage, and continued climbing their way up all weekend when they were one of only TWO riders in their big division to finish on their dressage scores!! What an accomplishment!   Their cross country was particularly great, and all of the jumps were coming right out of stride…. They made it look really easy, and really gorgeous!!  Frosty is a quarter horse who was orinally purchased as a western prospect by Gemma’s dad (see above), but I think Frosty has definitely found his calling in eventing!  They finished 4th, FODS of 36.0!!

trevor_d_octoberfest2Holly & Trevor: They began their day by showing in the dressage show, with a terrific 66.3%, and the day just got better and better from there.  Later that morning, they showed in the dressage portion of the horse trial.    I’m SOOOOO proud of Holly…. She’s been working so hard on her flatwork, and I think it is really, really paying off.  Trevor is quite hot in the dressage, and Holly rode him BRILLIANTLY.  Their dressage test left both Howard and I absolutely floored…  Very impressive!  They scored an outstanding 31.1 in a very tough division against many professionals.  On cross country and show jumping, to no one’s surprise they earned yet another double clean round, to FODS.   Holly has an amazing clock in her head!!  Always double clean, yet never wears a watch.  Now that’s a skill to have!  They FODS of 31.1 for 4th place in a VERY impressive division!!!

100_7648Chelsea & Benny: Fresh off her great run in her very first CCI*, Chelsea piloted her 5yo OTTB Benny around the Novice HT this weekend.    Chelsea is such a talented rider that we’ve been blessed to have for 14 months now as a WS, and she’s become very strong on the flat (though she’d never allow herself to know it!).  She proved that by piloting her 5yo TB to an impressive 28.5 in dressage.    He galloped around a terrific clean XC, double clean.   Show jumping is the most challenging phase for this very talented horse, but we’ve been working hard at home… And hard work pays off!!!!!!!!  Chelsea rode him SOOOO well, to jump one of a very few double clean SJ!  She FODS of 28.5.   I thought she had the win down when the overnight leader hit a rail hard in the show jumping, knocking it completely out of the cup.  As the leader was just a point off, this would have given Chelsea the win!  Hilariously, the rail balanced completely out of the cup but didn’t fall…. It was so far out that the jump crew had to replace it before the next ride.  Oh well, sometimes luck swings one way, sometimes another!  (And we always wish the best for the other riders anyway!)  Such a funny moment though, lol!  I was THRILLED for Chelsea to finish in 2nd place (and the highest placed amateur) on 28.5!  WOW!

taz_d_octoberfest1Bev & Taz: Bev is astounding.    Weeks ago, we entered her in the Novice HT on Indy, and it would be her first novice in 5 years.  But just a few days ago Indy came down with an eye infection, and couldn’t go this weekend.  Who would go?????    Taz, our superstar 4yo thoroughbred gelding, gladly stepped up to the plate.  (Hmmm, when doesn’t he step up to the plate like a champ?)   Bev only got to ride him 3 times before she had to compete him (she lives several hours away).    They had an AMAZING dressage test, for 34.5 in dressage, putting her in 3rd place after dressage against many very good riders and professionals.  It was absolutely gorgeous…  I’ll post it on You Tube later!!  They went out on XC, with frost on the grass and difficult lighting, and absolutely rocked the course, making the whole thing look easy.  But when in show jumping everyone was having a difficult time producing a double clean, they were even more up to the task.  Before Bev went in, I asked her if she could possibly gallop a little between fences to try to make the time…. In addition to the fact that she’s never shown him before, eek!  But she was a star and did exactly that, and he is such a careful, stylish jumper.  He jumped clean easily, and her smart riding brought him in as one of only a very few to also make the time…. They finished on their dressage score!!  But show jumping proved very tough, and Bev kept moving up and up and up…. And, no joke, they WON the division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Bev, an adult amateur in her first novice in 5 years while catch riding one of my 4yo’s, beat all the pros and upper level riders to WIN the big, tough division!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Amazing… Congrats to both Bev and Taz on great work on both their parts!!   What an awesome moment!!!

SO HOW BOUT THIS???? We had 12 horses and riders this weekend….  It was the first time for SIX new horse and rider eventing pairs!!!!!!    Two additional riders were riding horses they’ve never competed before, and one was moving up to a brand new level.     So NINE horses and riders new to their level out competing this weekend!!!  We are so excited for all of these new partnerships to break into our exciting sport!!!  Congrats to all!!!!


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4 Responses to Octoberfest Horse Trials!!

  1. swedishmegh says:

    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement this weekend, especially Megan and Howard! You guys should have worn a pedometer to track all the miles you ran between warm ups!

  2. holzeph says:

    Wow, congrats to everyone!! Great work!!! I would have loved to come out and watch, but I’ve been sick and trying to stay low-key and warm 🙂 I’m so proud of everyone!

  3. equestriquin says:

    I had such a blast! I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help and support I got. I am TOTALLY looking forward to next year’s show season!

  4. murphysgreytrooper says:

    It was a really fun show for me too! I so enjoyed watching my fellow Team CEO competitors ROCK in every division! Whether the horses, or the riders, OR BOTH, were moving up – you guys were amazing! So proud to be a part of your incredible group! Bev: what a star you are – jeepers! And Chelsea and Holly – super placings ladies! Fun seeing you guys in your victory gallop! Otter was such a show off in the XC warmup – shamelessly blowing out her medium trot between fences! What a great pair Quin and Riddle have become – I was so proud of you Quin! Hannah: I moved up this season too, and its tough. You and Vaughan will be rock stars come next spring at novice! You rode beautifully all weekend! Holly (Zephyr): hope you are feeling better – we missed you!

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