Dressage Updates from Fair Hill and Team Challenge

100_7498Hi all!   We’ll update everyone with dressage updates from Fair Hill and Team Challenge!!!!  Check back for updates from all the three day riders at the three different three days this weekend!!

(And to tide you over, here’s a pic of WS Emily holding our advanced horse Widespread Panic before the jog at Fair Hill.)


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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5 Responses to Dressage Updates from Fair Hill and Team Challenge

  1. Hi all! Not to be totally redundant, but today was SO INCREDIBLY COLD!!! We had rain all day, and I was so lucky to have the heaviest part of the rain be during Nemo’s dressage test…. Lucky us! I was so cold in warmup that I was shaking…. My shadbelly was wet through and through, and my thighs were absolutely frozen! I kept saying “Sorry!” to Nemo under my breath and patting him for having him out in such weather. Oddly, he didn’t seem to mind—and here I thought Nemo was a TROPICAL fish!!

    He was really quiet and obedient in warmup, despite many horses rearing and throwing absolute fits in the weather. Reese and I have been working really hard on Nemo’s flatwork, and I’m so happy it has been paying off. Even when a misunderstanding with the ring stewards meant that I didn’t get sent over to the final warmup at all (eeek!), I stayed relaxed and he stayed focused. I am so excited for him! He was so good in dressage!!!

    Nemo spent his whole test being quiet, relaxed, and obedient. He was very steady and rideable, and he worked easily through the traverse and shoulder in movements. His canter serpentines were really steady and true. I was SOOOOOO happy with him! He didn’t break or have a mistake anywhere in the test. While dressage is a sport that is always improving, he was absolutely as good as I could possibly have hoped for!!! I was so happy with how steady and through he stayed. While I haven’t seen the test itself yet, he currently sits in 17th place of 40 of the country’s top intermediate horses!! He scored a 63% (about a 37.0 in horse trial scoring), or a 55.6 in FEI scoring. I was so proud of him, especially in this weather!

    You can see the results at http://www.fairhillinternational.com/fhiresults.html I’m proud of him that he’s just 5 pts out of 5th place, and he’s equal to or beating some really, really top players in the game. What a good boy! (And 25 points off last place.)

    Hopper does dressage at 11am tomorrow.

    Here’s hoping that everyone at Fair Hill has a great ride on Saturday, and somehow stays warm and dry!!!! (Okay, wishful thinking…)

  2. This just in…. To give you an idea of what incredibly nice horses were in warmup today, here’s a story from the girls, who were watching in Nemo’s warmup….

    Marybeth turned to Emily and said, “I bet you for the price of all of these horses, we could buy Disneyland!”

    Ahhhhhhh, I couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂 LOL!

  3. pongorider says:

    I canceled some cases to watch chelsea ride…. she was beautiful…. She looked like an olympian in the warmup!!!


  4. Quick note before bed… Wet, cold, and tired!! Hopper was good today in dressage—not amazing, but good. Quiet and obedient, but we’re still working on helping him be a little more uphill and in a more upper level frame. He scored a 58.0, still pretty good!! Nemo is in 32nd place of 80 horses, still 5 points out of 5th place…. It’s anybody’s race still!

    Going to bed… Very tired, and A LOT to do tomorrow…. My horses go at 9am and 10am… More tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!!!

  5. bevyc says:

    Update from Megan: It’s VERY wet and muddy but both horses were CLEAN cross-country!!!!!! It’s a good day, everyone sounds happy and they’re all going to the laundromat to celebrate. — Bev

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