Our journey to Fair Hill Begins!

100_7486Just a quick note for all the Team CEO-ers….    Tomorrow begins our busiest week of autumn!  Stay tuned for updates as Megan, Emily, Marybeth, Grasshopper, and Nemo head to the Fair Hill CCI in MD….    While Ali, Alex, Nikki, Oliver, Jeri, Elijah, Chelsea, and Basil stay in Lexington to run the Midsouth Team Challenge Three Day at the Training Three Day and CCI* levels.  It’s going to be a CRAZY week!!!!!!

Those of us going to Fair Hill leave 2am on Monday morning…. How fun is that????  We finished up the packing today, and went out to the horsepark to volunteer for the HT….  We spent the entire afternoon setting up the dressage arenas….  I’m now way more comfortable with spiders than ever before!!  We loved helping and hope everyone who rides in those arenas has a fabulous ride!  (And maybe, just maybe, one of them will notice how dang straight those arena walls are!  🙂           (Photo is of WS Molly carrying dressage arena pieces at the Kentucky Horse Park.)

I’ll keep updating from Fair Hill and our journeys… You guys be sure to keep updating me on the big gang at Team Challenge!!  I’ll be thinking of you every day.

Good luck and have fun!!  –Megan


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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10 Responses to Our journey to Fair Hill Begins!

  1. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Have fun, Megan!!!! We’ll miss you!

  2. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Best of luck to all – in MD and KY! Be safe out there – & HAVE FUN!! Cant wait to catch up at Octoberfest!

    We did a hunter show at home yesterday: great for the control-freak in me! Thinking of you guys.

  3. Hi all! Arrived safe and sound in MD, after a 12 hour drive… We’re all a little tired, but looking forward to an amazing week. Forecast is rain Thurs & Fri, and temps down to the 30’s….BRRRR!

    T3D riders in ky start on Wednesday!

  4. otterpop09 says:

    The names on the east coast are so strange! So far my favorite is Big Savage Mountain. After all it was big and savage. Some others interesting ones include Licking creek and Street road. Just in the last 24 hours I’ve been able to include 3 more states to my Team CEO traveling list! West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. I cant believe how close they all are. Everyones great in the nice weather but I think we might start to freeze starting tonight! I wish the trees changed the colors they do here back home! its sooooooo gorgeous.

  5. Hi all!! Checking in from Fair Hill, Day 2. We did our in-barn exams and are all checked in! There are a whopping 82 horses in the CCI**…. Big field! Nemo is #16 and Hopper is #53, so I’ll be doing a quick tack change in a hurry between the two. Tomorrow is the jog, and dressage will be Thurs & Fri.

    Today is 67 and sunny—really pretty! It was 50 last night and the girls and I camped in the horse trailer…. BRRR! Unfortunately, this is the warmest day of the week… The rest of the week is forecasted for daily rain and 50 degree highs. I’m afraid it’s going to be a wet, cold weekend…. Come to think of it, just like the last few horse trials! (Jumpstart, Flying Cross, Hunters Run…..) Hmmm… Hopefully the boys are as good in the rain here as they were at all of those!!!

    Today for lunch, I made a wrong turn (I make a lot of those) and we ended up in DELAWARE!! No joke. Apparently we weren’t that far from the state line all along, but we definitely knew we were lost when we read a sign that said “Welcome to Delaware!” Uh oh. So we took full advantage of being lost, and are drinking a little coffee in a Starbucks in Delaware at the moment. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

    The course doesn’t open till tomorrow, but from the highway I can see a huge footbridge or creek oxer on the three star and a very wonky looking trakehner on the two star. Looks like fun! Hopp star loved hacking in a big, empty field this morning… He is feeling uber fresh and thought a gallop sounded better than a hack! I was talking to Howard on the cell while hacking, and I thought for a moment Hopper was going to take me galloping off in the other direction. Very fit, frisky pony!

    Today is a quiet day…. I suspect it will be the last of those. Tomorrow we have to ride two horses, braid 2, bathe 2, jog 2, have a rider’s meeting, and walking the course twice!

    Fingers crossed for dry weather!!!!
    -Megan Lanzarone

  6. hfmoore says:


  7. sweetadelaide says:

    Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Its cold and wet. 😦

    Basil, Alex, Elijah, and Oliver are all tucked in at the KHP. We had in barns today and Basil wasn’t even bad while getting his temp taken!! First inspections are tomorrow at 1:00. Hopefully in the indoor out of the rain, which is a rumor.

    Everything on the farm is running smoothly except the random fact that we have no power in the lower barn????? still waiting on the power company on that one.

    heading over to Quin’s for some dinner and maybe a little strategy talk about sat, Basil’s favorite day of the week 🙂


  8. Update from Fair Hill for Wednesday!

    I rode both the boys this morning, and they were great. Hopper is absolutely TERRIFIED of the tunnel you must ride through to get to dressage…. The ceiling is very close to my head, so it’s a little frightening! The girls did a great job turning them out for the jog, as it’s hard to make freshly body-clipped horses look very shiny. Nemo jogged terrifically and passed easily. Hopper, my warrior, spooked at the haybales and I held him back a little in the jog…. And they sent him to the hold! What?? The vet went over him in the holding area and couldn’t find a thing, and reported him to be jogging sound. I know this horse so well… I know every hair on his head! I would never present him if he wasn’t 100%. The second time, I jogged him completely on the buckle and left him alone. He jogged superbly and passed. What a tense moment when you know your horse is totally fine!! Ugh, lessons learned. They seemed to be being very careful today, as many ** horses were sent to the hold… At one point, there were five horses in the hold area simultaneously! I’m just very grateful and lucky that my beloved boy is just fine.

    We walked the course this evening…. It is definitely a championship course. There were a couple of routes where I would prefer to do the advanced! It’s a beautiful course, and obviously well thought out and well designed. There’s a LOT to do out there…. Particularly jump 9AB, a huge table on a drop to a very, very angled edge of a brush with no possible easier route. Jump 14AB is a big friendly steeplechase, but then you land and realize you have a sharp right downhill turn to a big, hidden corner. There are three waters, one with a turning question and drop to angled brush, and one with a duck in the water up a mound to a toothbrush. Double corners arrive at fence 23ab, so you’d better not be counting your ducks before they hatch! There’s a lot to do out there…

    Nemo does dressage at 11am on Thursday, and Hopper does dressage at 11am on Friday. It is going to be so very cold and wet and miserable here… I can’t imagine how we’re going to get through this weather! I guess that’s why we’re eventers!


  9. unconsciousbets says:

    Yay! I’m thinking good thoughts for dressage!

  10. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Great reading ladies – keep up the good work!!

    Nasty & cold at home here in KY – so your not missing anything up there! Keep making lemonade!! – Kim B

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