Richland Park HT and CIC**

nemo_xc_rp09_firstWhat a week!   The girls and I traveled to Richland, MI, for seven days to compete in the Richland Park CIC** and HT.  Cold weather and rain were the themes for the week, but overall it was a great week!

Nemo was competing in the CIC** this weekend.   He was one of the first horses to go in dressage on Thursday, and performed a steady, solid test for a 60.0 (FEI scoring).  I was happy with his relaxation and focus, but a bit dissappointed in the lack of wow in the test—we can do better!   It was a solid test, a good 15 points below qualifying, which is always encouraging.   On cross country, I was thrilled with him!  I am very proud to be able to take one of the strongest mouthed horses of my career and now back him off to a plain loose ring snaffle now that he is listening, and it was such a joy…. He galloped around cross country on a soft rein, and I didn’t have to take a single pulley rein.  We were very much working together, and on the same page the entire round.  He is a little behind Hopper on fitness, so the plan was just to canter him around for a good positive round.   He galloped well, though not at top speed as planned, but he was so good and listening so well that we didn’t waste an instant arguing… And he came home with one of the fastest rounds of the day with only 3.2 time penalties in the two star!  He was so good everywhere…. What a blast! Even better, the vets in the D-box told me that his breathing and heartrate showed the best recovery and fitness all day!!   In show jumping, he was a really good boy, but I was unusually nervous…  He jumped well for just one rail, finishing in 10th place in the CIC**.

hopper_xc_rp09_2Hopper was also in the CIC**.  He is usually so quiet and dependable in the dressage, but he was unusually tense here, and I had to ride him quietly for a 62.0.  He completely redeemed himself on XC.  I knew he was fit, confident, and ready to go, and the footing was conducive to good galloping.  The plan was to go for a clean round, and see what I could do beyond that.  WOW is Hopper amazing!!  We started out of the box on a mission, and I let Hopper really gallop… That horse is FAST!!  We were galloping so fast between fences 3 and 4… Holy cow!  He jumped so well though…  He was foot perfect at the big water, and didn’t bat an eye anwhere.    He was still full of running all the way around, so I let him continue at the speed he was comfortable with.  Two fences from home, I checked my watch and we had 45 seconds to get to the finish…Wow this horse can gallop!  He finished ten seconds under optimum time, one of the fastest rounds of the day and one of only a very few horses to make the time.  At the finish, he was still full of running and not tired!  He came into the box with an outstanding temp, and was almost immediately released back to the barns…. He cooled out so well.  What a big step for my little boy to make time in the two star!!!!  Hopper was full of energy on Sunday morning, and I had to quickly change from Nemo to Hopper to ride two horses in the two star…  There were only 20 horses left, and two of them were mine.  Hopper jumped really well around the difficult track, with one cheap rail at fence 3 in shallow cups.   I made a mistake at the final fence and had a rail there, but other than that single fence he was amazing everywhere and I was very happy with how careful he has become.  He finished 11th in a big division of olympians… I was so proud!!

Maddy and Bernie had a great dressage test in their fourth Prelim at Richland.  They ran around the XC with just a single stop around the big, tough prelim course.   Unfortunately an old sole bruise came back to haunt him this weekend, but this terrific pair will be back better than ever soon enough… They have had such a tremendously impressive season, I doubt they’ll let a little bruise dampen their spirits!!!

Chelsea and Basil ran their fourth Prelim at Richland Park…. And boy did that Prelim look like an intermediate!!  They had a good dressage test, but all of the scores in their division were very, very high, so that was dissappointing.  (The same judge that I made that remark about at Pine Top this spring.)  The XC was very tough, with a skinny ditch and wall, a log into water–bank out–log drop back in, sunken road, corner, keyhole, you name it.   Basil was amazing, and evenwithout starting her watch Chelsea managed to bring him in double clean on the XC, being one of only 3 riders to make the time!!  (Although my favorite moment on course was when this fabulously talented horse jumped so big at the keyhole that he touched his EARS on the roof of the brush!!!! Now THAT is scope!!!)  They were terrific in SJ, with just one rail around a course where many riders had 3-5 rails.  They moved up to finish in 6th place in the prelim against some of the country’s top young riders!!!

The boys are now qualified for the fall three days three times over, so I’m so very happy with them!  Thanks to Howard, Chelsea, Emily, and Maddy for their great help this weekend!

CIC Two Star
Rider Horse Dress
To Date
To Date
Tamra Smith Bubbles at Brickey 47.60 2 0.00 0.00 47.60 1 0.00 0.00 47.60 1
Leslie Law Hugo Fast 42.90 1 0.00 6.80 49.70 3 0.00 0.00 49.70 2
Lillian Heard Share Option 52.80 5 0.00 0.00 52.80 4 0.00 0.00 52.80 3
Jennie Brannigan Cambalda 48.90 3 0.00 0.00 48.90 2 4.00 0.00 52.90 4
Phillip Dutton Wild Tiger 54.30 6 0.00 0.00 54.30 5 0.00 0.00 54.30 5
Lindsay Pearce Tangle Top 56.40 7-T 0.00 2.80 59.20 6-T 0.00 0.00 59.20 6
Leslie Law Java 61.30 16-T 0.00 0.00 61.30 8 0.00 0.00 61.30 7
Bruce Davidson Sr Petite Flower 62.30 19-T 0.00 0.00 62.30 9-T 0.00 0.00 62.30 8
Phillip Dutton Che Italica 59.20 12 0.00 0.00 59.20 6-T 4.00 0.00 63.20 9
Megan Lanzarone Widespread Panic 60.00 14 0.00 3.20 63.20 12 4.00 0.00 67.20 10
Megan Lanzarone The Grasshopper 62.30 19-T 0.00 0.00 62.30 9-T 8.00 0.00 70.30 11
Kim Severson Wiley Post 56.40 7-T 0.00 6.40 62.80 11 12.00 0.00 74.80 12
C.C. Castillo Star Act 56.90 9-T 0.00 10.80 67.70 13 8.00 0.00 75.70 13
Melissa Miller Detail Specialist 68.00 26 0.00 6.00 74.00 16 4.00 0.00 78.00 14
Eric Dierks Text 63.90 23 0.00 7.20 71.10 15 8.00 0.00 79.10 15
Phillip Dutton For The Top 57.90 11 20.00 7.60 85.50 17 0.00 0.00 85.50 16
Kendal Lehari Daily Edition 62.10 18 0.00 8.40 70.50 14 16.00 0.00 86.50 17
Carrie Mulks Casino Royale II 67.80 25 20.00 7.20 95.00 20 8.00 0.00 103.00 18
Scott Kuhlman Gallipoli II 56.90 9-T 20.00 9.60 86.50 18 20.00 0.00 106.50 19
Jennifer Simmons J.B.’s Star 59.70 13 20.00 28.40 108.10 21 0.00 0.00 108.10 20
Sara Dierks Manolo Blahnik 65.20 24 40.00 26.80 132.00 22 999.00 E E E
Christa Gandolfo Governaire 62.80 21-T 0.00 28.00 90.80 19 999.00 E E E
Siobhain O’Connor Mizar 52.50 4 60.00 E E E 0.00 E E E
Weslee Wroe Oliver 61.30 16-T 60.00 R R R 0.00 R R R
Christa Gandolfo Shahaadi E E 0.00 E E E 0.00 E E E
Robin Walker Ringwood Mircrest 62.80 21-T 0.00 RF RF RF 0.00 RF RF RF
Frankie Simpson Watson’s Shelbreen 61.00 15 0.00 RF RF RF 0.00 RF RF RF

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2 Responses to Richland Park HT and CIC**

  1. hfmoore says:

    Was surprised at the number of jumping penalties and rider falls this year, not a normal occurrence at Richland. This course normally is difficult, but jumps well.

    Talked to Bob Wilmarth on Sunday morning, and he agreed that it had been an unusual weekend for them. He also indicated that Ian Stark had suggested the skinny (ditch & wall? or brush?) on the Preliminary course was almost an Intermediate jump, and they were going to replace it — but then Ian got sick and couldn’t come back.

    Richland is now, IMO, the top horse trial in Area VIII (I don’t count Rolex as a horse trial). They had a record number of horses with all of the big names, and even the big names had some problems with the tough courses. I’ve never seen so many horse trailers parked in a corn field!

  2. agullett says:

    Congrats everyone-you all should be very proud!

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