Pennyoaks Horse Trials


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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  1. murphysgreytrooper says:

    We were thinking of you Sunday, and hoping that Team CEO was having a good day at Masterson! Sounds like it went really well! Congrats to you all!

    Penny Oaks was great! Kim H and I had a ball, and hope to add that venue more in our 2010 plans. And Holly and Zephyr were just a few stalls down in the same barn – so we were able to keep tabs on them and wish them well all weekend! We rented a tack stall for the 1st time, and felt like princesses! And I recommend the Hilton Garden – its new and clean w/ a nice restaurant (its all about the FOOD for the 2 Kims!). Hope you dont mind if I take the following liberties – Wrap up: Kim and We were back after a few months off due to We’s hoof injury. They did BNR Sr and had a super weekend! A very STEADY dressage test, which Kim was very happy with. A challenging XC course, that shared several fences w/ N. Only 1 stop at fence 3, and a time penalty or 2, and they had an amazing round! Kim didnt want to push her boy, as he’s been off duty for a while. “We” handled it all w/ style, even after crossing the finish line, and a loose horse came thundering by! He was a star! Misjudged her stadium start time, so after a rather long time in the warm up ring, “We” put in a steady smooth stadium round, w/ a toe touch on fence 8 resulting in 1 pole. So, 9th place in a big class, with Kim excited about being back in the game! We watched Holly & Zeph’s (open N) dressage test and thot it was gorgeaus; steady and soft, obedient and round! Also saw them negociate the water complex – with ease! They looked awesome, even taking the novice ditch option afterwards in a perfect canter stride! Super job! Missed their stadium round, but Holly reported it was sticky?? Not sure of their placing, but they looked great to me all weekend! Trooper and I were in NR Sr – hadnt been to HHP in a few years, and w/ 1 stop each at our last 2 XC’s, I needed a confidence boost. It proved to be the right decision. Our dressage continues to improve, so I was generally pleased w/ our test. Troop was so relaxed in the dr. warmup, I saw his ears “floppy” for the first time – so cool!! Clear & confident XC and stadium, to FODS of 40 for 8th place. The show was friendly and efficiently run, and we were really glad we went! – Kim B

  2. holzeph says:

    Kim & Kim were awesome! 🙂

    I felt awesome about my dressage test, round and steady the whole time, the best he has ever done. I was shocked and disappointed to discover we got a 46.5 and landed in 24th of 25 after dressage… major bummer.

    Cross-country went perfectly though, and Zephyr couldn’t wait to get to all the jumps! He was the fastest of 25 – but no speed penalties! It was soooooo much fun to try a new course outside of the KHP and weave in and out of the woods over beautifully built jumps.

    Stadium rode sticky, as Kim reported. I really needed to use a LOT more leg than I thought!! But he still managed to get over everything even though I didn’t put him in front of my leg. He had his FIRST stadium rail ever – but I knew as soon as I got him to the jump he’d pull it behind, because of the impossible arc of flight! Anyway – pure pilot error, I will know what to fix next time! I have no idea what our final placing was, but it was probably 20-something.

    Anyway, it was a fun “girl’s weekend” away from home, and nice to see a great new venue. Hopefully we’ll score better in dressage next time!

  3. hfmoore says:

    Awesome, ladies! And I’m SO PLEASED that We’s back to work.

  4. holzeph says:

    P.S. I put a few pics in the Snapfish group room 🙂

  5. hfmoore says:

    Cool! Holly, he looks great!

    Any pix from the Kims?

  6. holzeph says:

    Unfortunately no! I was riding at the same time for all of Trooper’s rides–I did get to see We’s XC but didn’t have a camera on me, darnit. Hopefully Xpress Foto will put up Penny Oaks soon so we can see our jumping!

  7. murphysgreytrooper says:

    No pix from the Kims, sorry. We arent that high-tech. We’re lucky to figure out how to view your alls pix (which we love)! We did both buy from Xpress foto tho, they got some good shots.

    Holly, not sure what happened w/ your dr. scoring?? We saw your test, then saw your score – and WERE SHOCKED!! You did a GREAT job, Zeph was superb, and youll will just have to be happy w/ a personal best. It was a LOVELY test.

  8. holzeph says:

    Thanks, Kim! Glad I wasn’t the only one shocked 🙂 But I figure I get to draw a line through at least one score this year, right?? On to Ky Classique!

  9. equestriquin says:

    Thanks SOOO much for posting the wrap-up–I was wondering how you all did! It sounds like a fun show, I’d love to check it out next year! 🙂 Congrats to all.

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