“World Beginner Novice Championships”: July 19, 2009

sheldon_winfcToday was the “World Beginner Novice Championships” at Flying Cross Farm.  We took several young horses and had a terrific day!  The courses were challenging at all levels, and the weather and footing were terrific.  What a great venue!

Sur Les Tas and working student Maddy ran the Novice HT division.  Taz is a 4yo with an outstanding brain andwork ethic.  He was terrific in the dressage for a 35.0 including one little green lead moment, and he was especially mature to be brave passing the mirrors and trailers that were spooking many older, more experienced horses.  In show  jumping, he was one of only 50% of starters to be able to pull off a double clear show jumping round!  The round was gorgeous and he was a star.   The XC was challenging, and he was spot on all the way around, jumping a beautiful clean round….  A little timing error put him a touch  under speed faults, picking up 9 time faults to drop him out of the 6th place that he would have otherwise finished in.  (Oops!)  Overall they were brilliant and finished in 11th.

taz_sj_fcnoviceNikki and  Oliver scored 33.7 in dressage, just one cheap rail in a great show jumping round, and double clean on XC for 8th place!!!!   Katie and Dolce did their very first BN horse trial together, with a terrific 33 in dressage and double clean show jumping round.  A little green moment on XC dropped them just out of the ribbons, but they’ll return bigger and better at the next one!  Blake brought Demi to do her very first off-farm horse trial. They were brilliant for 2nd after dressage with a 32.0   Double clean Sj left them in that position.  Just one green stop on XC dropped them a few places, but they did a terrific job and will be a very competitive pair in the future.  Congrats to all on a great learning day!

I was so excited to ride my 4yo TB gelding Sheldon today…. Sheldon is a OTTB, and is 17.1h at 4yo and still growing.  I love his personality and we get along really well, but Sheldon’s size can be a bit challenging at times…. He’s still growing and is very young and green, but very promising!!!   Sheldon was terrific in dressage, very steady and relaxed and obedient.  I was really happy with his work!  He was rewarded with all 8’s in the collective marks, and all 7’s and 8’s on his test except just two 6’s.    He was rewarded with an astounding 24.5 in dressage, winning the dressage in the “World Beginner Novice Championships” against a big field with many pros. He was terrific in show jumping, where just 8 horses were able to jump double clean rounds.  He jumped double clean!  Then on XC, he jumped double clear again!  He finished on his 24.5!!!!!    I was so proud!   Of course, I was busy coaching, so I had no idea till the end of the day….  I just knew he had been really good!  I was out coaching when Mary Lowry drove by and said, “Congrats on your win!!!”   WOW… how exciting!

So Sheldon won the very first World Beginner Novice Championships on his dressage score of 24.5, with an astounding lead of 6 points over second place!  What a great accomplishment, especially for a four year old OTTB!    I was thinking on the drive home that my darling little green bean has now won three of his first four horse trials with me….What a start in the world!  I’m so proud of him!!!!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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8 Responses to “World Beginner Novice Championships”: July 19, 2009

  1. hfmoore says:

    AWESOME! So, you took four babies plus Nikki and no dressage scores were over 35? WOW!!!

    And unless my memory is failing (you know the advantage of aging, memory gets very selective), that’s Megan’s best dressage score EVER?

  2. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Great seeing you ladies at FCF, and muchos congrats to all!

    Holly & Zepher, heard you will be at Penny Oaks. The Kims and We and Trooper are going too. See you there?

  3. hfmoore says:

    Does that mean that We’s hoof is doing well?

  4. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Yes, he’s been shod and is sound. The Kims lightly schooled XC after Ch Run at the Park a few Sundays ago – and he was good as new! Yay – ive got my show buddy back!

  5. holzeph says:

    Kim – yes, we will be there, see you soon! 🙂
    P.S. Belated congrats on your Training debut… I watched the YouTube vid of the show jumping round, your boy has springs on his legs! Incredible work out there!!

    Congrats to Megan & Sheldon on some incredible work out there 🙂 What a superstar he’s gonna be!

  6. holzeph says:

    Kim – yes, we will be there, see you soon! 🙂
    P.S. Belated congrats on your Training debut… I watched the YouTube vid of the show jumping round, your boy has springs on his legs! Incredible work out there!!

    Also, congrats to Megan & Sheldon 🙂 What a superstar he’s gonna be!

  7. holzeph says:

    (Sorry for the double-post, tried to delete the first one!)

  8. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Holly – thanks! Midsouth PC HT was an amazing weekend for us! I keep checking the Penny Oaks website, and no new updates yet!?! Email me at kim.murphy@sbw-law.com next week, and we can talk about Aug 1-2.

    Hope you all are having FUN out there! – Kim B

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