WS Sarah Coble :)

Congratulations to Sarah on completing her Working Student Position at Team CEO Eventing! We’ve so enjoyed Sarah’s time at CEO, and I think we can all agree that she’s become part of the family. What great memories we all have…. How about Sarah winning the Flying Cross BN HT on Linguine?? Then also winning the Bluegrass Pony Club MT on Linguine? Transforming Pete from her trail partner to a winning dressage horse! … Schooling Training on Biscuit and having an amazing time in Aiken with her…. Eventing at Training with Beef! And doing her very first Prelim combined test on our very darling Vaughn. What an amazing time it’s been… We love you Sarah!


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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6 Responses to WS Sarah Coble :)

  1. equestriquin says:

    Who could ever forget Sarah in the role she was born to play, as replacement/backup/alternate/catch-SPOON? Maybe we’ll call you Snuggles as a nickname from now on. đŸ™‚

  2. holzeph says:

    We will miss you, Sarah!

  3. hfmoore says:

    Thanks for sharing your life with us, even if for only a short time. We hope that you’ve both enjoyed and benefitted from the experience. Please don’t be a stranger — keep in touch.

  4. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Dont tell anyone, but Sarah is my FAVORITE! She is always there to help, and I love her calm nature. I will really miss her! I will have a pint in her honor this August – in Adare! Sarah – keep in touch! Best of luck – Kim B

  5. bzhorse says:

    Make sure you come back to visit us often, Sarah!!! We loved having you here and wish you didn’t have to leave!

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