Champagne Run Farm Horse Trials Results

We took four horses to the Champagne Run Farm Horse Trials…..   It was amazing to see how many professionals turned out for the event, and the girls found themselves competing against many advanced riders…   But boy did they hold their own!!! 🙂
Chelsea was entered to run one of our babies, but we arrived at the barn at 4:30am to find that the baby had pulled a shoe and stepped on the clip….   So Holly was kind enough to loan her lovely TB Owen to Chelsea to catch ride!  They put in the most BEAUTIFUL dressage test…. We’ve been working hard to help him relax in the dressage….  It really paid off!  He scored a terrific 29 in dressage, besting the field by a 4.5 point lead.  He scored several 8’s in dressage, and had a terrific test.   Owen put in foot perfect cross country and show jumping rounds, not touching a single rail (though they had a rail in hand) and earning two beautiful rounds.  They easily won the division (against all the pros!!), finishing on their dressage score of 29!!!!

Katie had an amazing day on Case, with a great dressage test scoring 36.   She had a lovely double clean XC round, and a great double clean SJ round to finish on her dressage score in 5th place!

Maddy really enjoyed eventing Taz… They are so cute!   Taz spent the whole day between phases napping by the trailer—what an easy going guy!  He had a great test for a 34.1.    Typical to Taz, he had a lovely easy XC for double clean where Maddy reported that he didn’t look at a single thing.   Double clean in SJ left them in 3rd place!

Jane is now back for her second consecutive summer for us….  And got the ride on our Vis a Vis.   They were in an indoor for the first time for the dressage, but Visa was really brilliant and  well-ridden.  Their test was stunning, scoring a terrific 27 in dressage with several 8’s, easily winning the dressage by 6.5 points.  They earned their lead by jumping double clean in show jumping and dressage….  And WON their division by a whopping TEN points!!!

Congrats to our four outstanding girls for their amazing day!  And special thanks to Sarah and Hilary for their outstanding help.


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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5 Responses to Champagne Run Farm Horse Trials Results

  1. holzeph says:

    I love reading the show results… you all are amazing!! Great work!!

  2. hfmoore says:

    Holy WOW!! Stunning!! (I’m running out of superlatives, so fill in a few of your own ________).


  3. murphysgreytrooper says:

    OMG – inspiring! You guys make it look so easy! Incredible! Congrats – Kim B

  4. hfmoore says:

    In retrospect, sounds like the Eventing Clinic the day before was a very effective training tool!!

  5. ashabelle says:

    I want to come back…I heard little spoon is willing to share her sleeping space. One thing’s for sure, I HATE WORKING. I want to play with ponies ALL DAY in Kentucky. I bet Sarah agrees with me, haha.

    Anyways – did you all go double clean? That’s pretty impressive. And little spoon you be nice to Visa!

    And don’t worry everyone, Mr. Handsome (that’s Paddy) is doing great – we’re going cross country schooling tomorrow 🙂

    -Ashley aka Sager aka Megan’s most favorite working student ever

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