May Daze Results

Here are the results for Team CEO at May Daze HT….  It was a weekend of horses and riders getting their start in eventing, and boy what a start they got!  Here are the results for the big, competitive divisions….

spotsSheldon did his very first USEA horse trial this weekend!  He was darling….  After needing to ride him to the jump warmups to get to my students on time, Sheldon thought it was time to jump before dressage!  He settled, but his test was a little green and not nearly as nice as it was two weeks ago.  Still, he pulled off a 39.5 in dressage and jumped show jumping with just a single rail. He was great on XC and jumped double clean and really grew up all the way ’round!

Holly was terrific with Zephyr…. She rode his pants off!  They had an amazing, smooth, rhythmical XC round.  Unfortunately Zephyr pulled the plug on the table before the banks, for just 20 penalties.   Holly quickly jumped it and continued… Other than that one moment, they were brilliant!   I was really proud of Holly’s riding this weekend.

trooper_sj_maydazeWe and Kim H  did their very first USEA horse trial this weekend!   They jumped with just one rail in show jumping and just a peak on XC for a very successful start in eventing!

Ali and Alex had a great weekend… Some BRILLIANT moments in dressage,  with just a couple of moments against his rider for a 40 in dressage….  Then a terrific clean show jump round that was really nice…. And in my opinion, Ali and Alex’s best yet XC…. Smooth and consistent and right out of stride!  They finished on their dressage score at Training for a 9th place finish!

Hannah and Vaughn were terrific….  The dressage was quiet and accurate, and I was very happy with Hannah.  Just one circle in show jumping (oops) for 4 faults and a touch of time.   Then the most TERRIFIC cross country round you could possibly imagine!  Every single jump was right out of stride, right out of rhythm.  They were moving!  I was so proud of them!  They finished 9th!

vaughn_xc_maydazeChelsea had another terrific weekend, this time moving her 5yo TB gelding up to the novice level very successfully.  He was a little playful in dressage for a 39, but it shows you what a nice horse he is that he can play and still score so well…  Then he jumped a wonderful clear round in his very first Novice!  Just a couple rubs in show jumping and Benny is now a successful novice horse!

Gretchen and Juby did their very first USEA horse trial!   They were 6th after dressage, and had a terrific show jumping round for a double clean round.  They had a terrific cross country round, smart and steady and riding right to plan…  They jumped double clean to finish on their dressage score in 4th place!

sheldon_gallopTrooper and Kim B  had a great run at Novice….  40 in dressage (they were robbed!), and a terrific double clean cross country round!  Many in her division were having rails, but Kim kept her cool to jump a terrrific double clean round and finish on her dressage score!  She moved up to a fabulous 4th place!!!!!!!

Ryan has a great first outing for the season…  I am so glad to start the season for him!  Of course, one of my mares just came in heat and he got collected shortly before competing… EEK!  Fortunately, he was a star, and put in a very good (if conservative) test for a 35.5 in dressage and a tie for 3rd… Even more fun, the stallion got to do his test in the middle of two other rings which were very close…. Now that’s focus!  He was really good in show jumping but my armband was dangling around my hand and I’m afraid I worked harder on not losing my armband than on helping Ryan.   He didn’t mind, and jumped double clear despite my distraction.   Then on XC, he was AMAZING!  I knew I was in a tie and that ryan is very, very fast XC….  So I had to come in close to the optimum, not close to speed faults, to break the tie…  He galloped around so easily!  Everything was clean and he galloped right into the water!  He was so smooth and easy everywhere and I looked at my watch and was quite early, despite our easy going rhythm…  So I trotted a bit before continuing on course…. LOL…. The announcer said “And Megan Lanzarone goes on an endurance ride!”  Lol…. It was pretty funny.  Turns out later I didnt’ need to worry about optimum….  The horse we were in a tie with had time faults and another had an unfortunate elimination, putting Ryan in 2nd place finishing on his dressage score!

My sister Beverly had a terrific return to eventing…. I believe her last horse trial was in 2005, and she has been busy living  a couple of hours away and being an engineer since then.  She has resumed eventing this spring, and has been driving 4 hours roundtrip to start riding Indy again.  Her hard work and dedication paid off!   Being the first rider for the day always hurts your score by a point or two… And bev was the first rider of the day at 7:30am!!  She performed a test so nice that even the judge couldn’t deny her… Putting her in 2nd with a 35.5!   Just a half a point off the lead.  She performed a spot-on showjumping round for double clear.   Then she jumped double clean around XC in the most beautiful, comfortable rhythm!   They finished on their dressage score, just 0.5 points off the win!!!  The finished 2nd in their first outing in four years!!!!!

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7 Responses to May Daze Results

  1. hfmoore says:


  2. equestriquin says:

    Congrats, everyone!! I am so impressed with the group–way to start off the show season with a BANG! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store.


  3. Quin, this has to make you want to get started with your boy!!! Only 5 weeks to the Team CEO Horse Trials!

  4. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I had the BEST time – thx to all at Team CEO!! I so enjoy the comradery! A big thanks to Sarah for the best braid job evah! Already looking forward to next time….

  5. bzhorse says:

    Congratulations to everyone! It sounds like Team CEO rocked everyone’s socks right off…brilliant!!!

  6. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Congrats to everyone! What a splendid weekend! Thank you to Megan for all your great coaching and help, as always!

  7. holzeph says:

    Bev is your sister??? How did I not know this! 🙂 Great job, Bev, you were terrific!! (And everyone else – I am so proud of everyone!)

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