Widespread Chaos

100_4625We’re so excited that Widespread Chaos has arrived!

I’m exhausted from competing this weekend and Chaos’ arrival, so just a short note for now and more later…. Coral had her foal last night!  She is a beautiful bay filly with a big star and no other white.  Coral very cleverly waited till I was out of town and wasn’t showing any signs of parturition, and chose to deliver all by herself.  What a surprise the girls had when they fed this morning!  So far all is good… She’s beautiful and HUGE!

I’m still a very nervous mommy….  Because we weren’t there, coral had stomped on the afterbirth a good bit, so it was impossible to decide if all was expelled.  So we are busy treating Coral for any possible complications, which is nerve-wrecking.  Chaos looks great so far….. She has a slightly elevated white blood count, so she is on a little medication for now and I’ll hear more back on the bloodwork tomorrow…. Please keep your fingers crossed that both ladies will continue looking great!  I’d like to postpone introducing her to everyone for a few days… Because I’m worried about her gaining strength, we are trying to keep the lower barn completely quiet, so please postpone coming to visit our little girl for a couple of days….. I’m eager to introduce her to all of you as you’re all like family!  But for a day or two, I’m worried sick (probably over nothing), but they are sooooo delicate at this stage.   I’d like to keep the lower barn completely quiet for a few days….  Keep them in your thoughts as I hope they continue to do well!  Foaling is such a complicated miracle…

I’m so excited to introduce Chaos to everyone… She is a 3/4 sister to Nemo!!!!!!!!!!!!       We’ll hear much more on the bloodwork for both tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed…. For now, here’s a couple of pics!  (And on snapfish!)

One foal down, four to go!!!!!


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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6 Responses to Widespread Chaos

  1. Enjoy your ” Widespread Happiness “, that a little Chaos has brought upon your farm. She’s LOVELY !!!

  2. equestriquin says:

    Congrats to all! What a beautiful little girl. I can’t wait to see what she’s like!

  3. Our little girl already knows how to stress me to the max… She is looking GREAT…. Because she was a surprise, we weren’t able to be there to test the colostrum… She’s a strong kiddo, though. She is on antibiotics and so is mom, in case of retaining some of the placenta. Today she got plasma because she didn’t get quite enough colostrum. Chaos is living up to her name! Fingers crossed for continued success… She’s stressing me out!!!

  4. hfmoore says:

    Relax. This is a strong one; any of them can have problems, but these pix are awesome. Get a little turnout tomorrow and let Dr. Sun do his thing. And if the mare had retained ANY of the placenta, you’d have one sick mare by 12 hours (about when you found the foal), 24 hours max. She’s the best looking foal I’ve seen since Ryan.

  5. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Megan, I am BEYOND happy for you! She is quite the little gem. I love babies, but at the same time I can’t wait to see her all grown up! She looks amazing, congrats.

  6. Trust me when I say that I understand your stress. I’m trying to figure out how to teach my little one to eat hay…. I’ve had to teach him everything else, but THIS is where I draw the line.
    Enjoy! She looks like she’s doing fabulous! I can’t believe how up on her pasterns Chaos is already. VERY strong little lady!

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