Greater Dayton HT


Boscoe did his very first horse trial this weekend…  He was amazing!  He had a terrific dressage test, but I was a little dissappointed in his score of 40, since it was his best test ever and ever other time out he has scored under a 35.  The scores were a bit high—but then again, the same judge who scored Ryan winning the dressage last year on a 40.  Boscoe vowed to make up ground by jumping double clear in SJ and XC, even when many others came to unfortunate grief on XC.  He was AMAZING and gave me a  huge effort at every fence–soooooo much fun!  He finished 5th in his very first outing!

vaughn_daytonHannah and Vaughn continue to impress…. Hannah had a beautiful test with really impressive trot work–I’m so proud of this kid!  (Now if we just master those pesky diagonals!)  I’m so proud of her hard work and determination.  Her cross country and SJ rounds were flawless…. I was so happy with her riding… We have a brand new Hannah!  She finished clean in all phases, though I left the show before they posted the scores so I’m not sure of the final placings.

Hopper was so much fun this weekend… He put in another good dressage test that I was very happy with.  He consistently puts in good tests and I’m so excited about his future!  He’s just getting stronger bernie_daytonand stronger every day.  He placed 2nd after dressage in a big field of very nice horses, with a 33 in dressage.   He was terrific in show jumping….  He just touched the first fence when he was focused on the tents in the background, but jumped terrifically after that to have just the single rail down.  I’m so happy with his improvement in SJ.  He was amazing on XC, really listening and allowing me to lay down a blazing clear round where he was so very good at every fence.  He let me ride a course with very, very tight lines and very smoothly without wasting any time.  He had the fastest XC by quite a bit, and I was so pleased with him!  Almost every other prelim pair incurred time faults, but Hopper was so fluid he was able to jump double clean.  The leader picked up a couple of time penalties, beating hopper by just 0.6 faults….   Hopper finished 2nd in his division by just two seconds!  Lol…. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.  Hopper has now finished 2nd in three of his last five outings.

elijah_daytonJeri and Elijah had a great return to competition…. The pair haven’t had the opportunity to compete at Prelim in a few years, and this weekend was their triumphant return to the upper levels.   They proved that there wasn’t any dust to blow off, as they had a qualifying dressage, a terrific SJ round with just one rail at the final fence, and a lovely clean xc round!   I’m so excited for Jeri that she had such a terrific weekend…. She rode terrifically and really deserves it!

And for the real kicker…   Chelsea and Maddy both ventured out to their first prelims at Greater Dayton HT this weekend… They were amazing!  Both had very respectable dressage tests for anyone, esp in basil_daytontheir first outing!  Both horses were really good in SJ… Basil was a little sticky as he was spooking at the tents against the ring, but Chelsea rode him well and handled the spooking nicely.  Bernie jumped a lovely smooth round for just one rail at the first fence for a 4/0 round.  Both girls had a TERRIFIC cross country round!!!!  I’m so proud of them….   We now have two new upper level riders in our midst, in addition to two new upper level horses!  Congrats girls on achieving such a lofty lifetime accomplishment!

I’m so proud of all!

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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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3 Responses to Greater Dayton HT

  1. hfmoore says:

    Pretty incredible, IMO. Two new upper level riders — that means top 25% of the US Eventing community. I wish I was top quartile in ANYTHING (tiddlywinks, anyone?)! What can I say about Jeri and Elijah? Long layoff, managed to squeeze Dayton into their tight schedule. Heck, I know what to say — us old guys still got it, right Elijah? He was having a HOOT on XC. And Jeri was right there with him the whole way, supporting and encouraging while giving him a heck of a ride. Look at her pictures — really beautiful. We worried a little about Hannah after the steeplechase clinic, but I should have known better — she and Vaughn are probably the prettiest combination in Area VIII this year! (Oh, by the way, they’re darned good, too, she rode the socks off that course). Plus you know how I feel about my young’n; she’s had a tough week or two and I’m sure all she could think about Sunday morning was Chaos, but she still rode the eyeballs off Hopper (22 seconds EARLY on XC) and Bosco while giving each of you the mental and technical support you’ve come to expect. AWESOME!

  2. Ali Zeitlin says:

    GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!! That sounds like the weekend was fabulous.

  3. thehunterkid says:

    You guys are absolutely amazing!
    I’m so proud of Basil and Chelsea!
    It stuns me at how much he’s grown up in the past year!
    BN to Prelim. woww. 🙂

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