Sayre Results

Torrential rains on Friday were a bit foreboding, but as luck would have it Saturday dawned beautiful and breezy!  Saturday was a terrific day all around, and I am so proud of all of the students and horses!

michaela_gorgeous2GREEN STARTER: Joe and Pongo had a career high weekend, with the best show jump round they’ve ever had!  They had a great go at Green starter, with a double clear round. ~~~~~~  Michaela and Mouse debuted in eventing, placing a terrific 4th after dressage and jumping double clean in a big division to finish 4th!  This is surely a huge start to her eventing career, as she is just 9 years old!  ~~~~~~   Gemma and Buddy were an amazing success story for the day!  Gemma told me that she competed at Sayre last year, before we knew her, and didn’t get around.  This year, what a triumphant return!!!  Not only did she complete, but she was 2nd after dressage and jumped double clean to place 2nd in a BIG class!!!!  WOW…. What a huge day!  I’m so excited that her hard work is paying off!

gus_sayre2STARTER: Ashlea wins the tenacity award for the weekend!!!  She had a terrific dressage to score a 24!!!   Then Gus had a little meltdown in warmup (in the middle of a field) and did some rodeo quality bucks!  In her first Starter CT, Ashlea pulled it all together to jump a great 1-rail round.    She rode a smart, safe course–slow but controlled.   That earned her a couple of time faults which dropped her to second, but I am SO proud of her tenacity and her success!  She finished 2nd in a big field of horses.

BEG NOVICE: Holly Werner and Zephyr had a terrific BN debut to the year, jumping really nicely and dusting the cobwebs off for the new season!   ~~~~~~  Kim Hicks had a breakthrough event, and looked really terrific!  They had just a single rail, and were fabulous.  I believe she ribboned…Anyone remember what place?    ~~~~~~  Gretchen debuted her gelding Beauty at Beginner Novice and had a great round… I think they jumped clean in their very first outing together, and Gretchen’s smile could wii_sayre1be seen all the way back home in Louisville…. We’re so proud!    ~~~~~~ Boscoe was terrific… A good dressage test (plus two flying changes–he’s so helpful!)  gave hima 35 in his very first BN combined test.  He had a terrific round and just breathed on one single rail for a 4-fault round, finishing in 5th.  He was a hot little tamale all weekend, but a whole lotta fun!

NOVICE: Holly Wiedemann and Trevor also had a breakthrough event, with a really quiet dressage test. Trevor performed a brilliant XC that Katie accurately described as “poetic”, and I’m thrilled for Holly’s reward for all of her hard work!

alex_d2PRELIMINARY: Ali and Alex had a great weekend in the Prelim…. I believe 5th after dressage, and 1 rail around a really tough sj course to finish 5th in a huge division of very nice horses.   ~~~~~~  Maddy did her second prelim CT this weekend…. She had a good dressage test and a 1-rail sj round, to finish 7th even against many professionals in a huge division!!  Talk about courage—the horse right before her fell in the sj round, and she still managed to pull together, focus, and have a great round.  They were fantastic!  Congrats!   ~~~~~~ Chelsea  also did her second prelim CT…. Basil and Chelsea had a much improved dressage test, and a really good sj round.   The finished just a hair out of the ribbons, but really proved their impending move up to Prelim!  I was VERY proud!   ~~~~~~  Jeri had a triumphant return to Prelim with Elijah, jumping a great round and I was so excited to see her so thrilled… This is a new pair for us, and we’re very excited about their future!

With two consecutive shows and two consecutive 5am mornings, I’m a little exausted…    (We arrived at Masterson at 6am on Saturday, and I taught at the show all day, then had a few lessons at Masterson and taught till 8:30pm!)  I can’t completely remember everyone’s exact results…. If anyone remembers a placing that I’ve left out, please email it to me and I’ll update it here!

The course this weekend was really tough, and I’m so proud of everyone for a job well done… I was proud to be with each and every one of you this weekend.  Congrats!!

And Gretchen and Howard and Mike, we can’t WAIT to see your fabulous pictures!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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2 Responses to Sayre Results

  1. hfmoore says:

    Adding my congratulations as well. I’m very proud to be associated with this group — you represented TeamCEO and yourselves extremely well. Rails fall and dressage tests can be struggles at times, but the class and dignity that you exhibit cannot be mistaken. And our riders all showed a wonderful level of understanding, horsemanship, and knowlege! The entire show knew who you were! You guys rock!

  2. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Congrats to everyone! Thanks Megan for all your help! We couldn’t do it without you.

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