Results from Flying Cross Horse Trials

Despite being an out of town show, WOW did we have a big showing of horses and riders at the Flying Cross Horse Trials!

Taz competed in his very first horse trial this weekend!  Expertly guided by his working student partner Maddy, Taz was a star!  But then, what else could we expect? Everything we’ve ever asked of this horse has been easy breezy!  He had a terrific dressage test to score 37.  Taz is a lovely careful jumper, and jumped double clean in show jumping, being very brave around the very scary course.  He ate up the cross country, finishing on his dressage score to finish in 7th in a big division of 17 horses!  All in his very first event!

Katie has been working so hard… I am very proud of her determination and hard work.  It all paid off this weekend, as Katie had her career best dressage test!  Their test was fluid, accurate, quiet, and obedient, and the score well rewarded the good effort… They scored a 29!!  Case pulled off his characteristic rail-free performance in show jumping–boy is he a careful jumper!  Katie had an amazing cross country round, jumping clean and doing a lovely job of jumping right out of stride…. Lovely!  They finished on their dressage score of 29!!  They finished just behind two professionals, so she finished 3rd in the division of 15 horses!!!!

Sarah and Visa had a terrific debut together!!  They had a breathtaking dressage test… WOW!  Unfortunately a couple of logistical mistakes dropped them down a touch to earn a 40… But I know this will just keep improving!  They looked gorgeous.  Just one rail in SJ, and a clean round on XC!  They finished 11th in a big division and did a great job!

Elisha did her very first horse trial with Jeri this weekend!  She had a dressage test with moments of brilliance and great encouragement from the judge, to score a 37.    True to ELisha’s super tidy, careful jumping style, they had a scopey clean round in show jumping.  Elisha is very brave, and had a blast jumping clean on cross country!  They finished 5th of 17 horses!

Gretchen and Jubilee also had a terrific debut horse trial.  They had a nice, steady, accurate test followed by a clean jump round and a clean cross country…. What a terrific way to start a career together!  Gretchen did an amazing job in her very first horse trial ever….   We are so proud ofher!  She finished a terrific 9th of 17!

Our stars were shining bright this weekend…. Hannah and Vaughn also had their best ever weekend together…. Hannah rode SOOOOO well, for a beautiful dressage test scoring 39.  They were so elegant—I can’t believe our little Hannah is so grown up!  She had great control and poise in show jumping, and I loved their steady rhthym and terrific cadence.  They had a beautiful cross country round to jump clean!    I was so proud on all of their improvements this weekend.

Sheldon is a new debut for me this year… I bought him as a 3year old off the track in Michigan, and I adore him.  He is my gentle giant…. At 17.1 and growing, he’s a BIG boy!  He is very green and just starting his career (slowly and meticulously), but I know I am so very excited about him.  With all of the excitement yesterday at Sayre and trying to focus on my students, I wasn’t even able to ride him yesterday.  But I figured I’d school him through the steps of life today in warmup, but boy did he learn!  Today was his first ever horse show.  He was terrific, and performed a lovely, fluid, through test that I was very happy with.   (Even if I did the transition in the wrong corner—oops!)   Then he jumped around a really nice show jumping course double clean.   I was so thrilled with him, but not much time to enjoy—have to rush off to coach students!  Later he jumped round a gorgeous xc round…. He cantered the whole course, which is a first for him!  (Canter is hard when you’re built like a girraffe!)  I was thrilled with his performance and not worried about scores.  I spent the afternoon coaching…. Later, one of my students told me that Sheldon had scored a 25 in dressage!!!!      He finished on dressage score to win his very first horse trial!!  I have big plans for my big guy in the future!

Congrats to all the terrific riders this weekend!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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One Response to Results from Flying Cross Horse Trials

  1. Ali Zeitlin says:

    WOW what a weekend for Team CEO!!!! Great job to everyone at Flying Cross! I’m so proud of everyone.

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