For Pete’s Sake, meet Imaginary Case, ASAP!!!

case_neck1We are so excited about three new arrivals this week…

*PHOTO LEFT*  Imaginary Case is a fancy 6yo thoroughbred gelding.  He is a very good looking bay thoroughbred gelding, and is an amazing find as he is unraced and has saved his legs for his sporthorse future!! We think he’ll be a top prospect for Eventing or Hunters or Jumpers, with a laid back attitude, trusting mind, and excellent build.  In today’s world of too little bone and too much racing, Case is an amazing find… He is solid, sound, and has a wonderful future ahead of him.  He will be offered for sale at Team CEO Eventing.

We have just purchased a lovely young horse from his breeder to be our next prospect to fill Nemo and Hopper’s substantial shoes!  His name is “ASAP”, and he is a BIG bay 3yo thoroughbred gelding.  ASAP had a short stint as a racehorse, and now will be coming to Team CEO to live out for the winter, grow up, and listen to Mighty, Zephyr, and Pongo explain how to be the very best cross country horse possible!  It was love at first sight for Megan, and we have big expectations for this big boy. 

For Pete’s Sake is working student Sarah Coble’s excellent young crossbred.  He is an outstanding purpose-bred 1/4 Clydesdale 3/4 TB.    We are very excited about offering him for sale, as he is a very nice horse with a very nice future!  He will be joining us from VA this week. 

You know we love photos, and all three of these guys are just too new to have any yet!!  I promise photos ASAP!!   (Haha… that’s the new horse’s name… haha…)

findingnemo_grou1And to go along with the comments below…


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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10 Responses to For Pete’s Sake, meet Imaginary Case, ASAP!!!

  1. hfmoore says:

    Holy moly, those are two of the biggest thoroughbreds I’ve ever seen!!

  2. I’m so excited about them! If ASAP is that big now as a 3yo, oh my goodness… Just wait till he’s four!

    So I’m working on barn names for ASAP. I’m very excited about him, and am considering giving him the biggest honor—naming him after another of the Finding Nemo characters. Austin and I watched the movie for my birthday, and here’s what we’ve come up with…

    Marlin: Nemo’s dad. Good name, not neccessarily fitting toward’s ASAP’s baby-like personality.

    Gill: leader of the tank fish. Good name, but I don’t think ASAP’s much of a leader. 🙂

    Nigel : brown pelican who helps save Nemo.

    Squirt: Sea turtle who is Crush’s son. LOVE the character–it fits him perfectly. But not a great name. This is the baby sea turtle who has a surfer accent.

    Ted: Pearl’s octapus father, tends to ink when he’s scared

    Sheldon: Nemo’s baby classmate. He is the sea horse shown in photo above.

    Tad: Nemo’s baby classmate. He is the purple and yellow fish above.

  3. Ali Zeitlin says:


    “You are very squishy, so I shall name you squishy, and you shall be MY little squishy.”

  4. ashabelle says:


  5. hfmoore says:

    NIGEL!! It’s perfect.

  6. ashabelle says:

    Megan, did you think of the title (For Pete’s sake, meet Imaginary case, ASAP) all on your own? I like it!

    And I do like Nigel as well.

  7. equestriquin says:

    I like Tad–but I can understand Nigel as well. I am not such a fan of the name Sheldon but I love the look on his face in the picture!! He is such a baby. 😀

  8. bzhorse says:

    I’m a big fan of Nigel. I have somehow managed not to see these big boys…I’ll have to go looking 🙂

  9. equestriquin says:


    Nemo’s alter ego…too bad you already had a horse named Shark.

  10. hfmoore says:

    That was a month or so ago. Now look at them — schooling pictures posted on Snapfish and they’re LOOKING GOOD!!!!

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