Nov 15 & 16: Lakeside HJ Shows: RESULTS POSTED!!!

I am looking forward to heading out to the Lakeside HJ show on November 15 & 16!  They are offering everything from crossrails hunters to 3′ hunters, and from 2′ jumpers to 3’6″ jumpers.




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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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7 Responses to Nov 15 & 16: Lakeside HJ Shows: RESULTS POSTED!!!

  1. bzhorse says:

    I’m definitely planning to head out to Lakeside for some fun jumpers!

  2. pongorider says:

    I’m on call, Hannah on Vaughn and Joe on Pongo!!!! Watch out for Joe….

  3. Julieanne will be making her stellar debut on Mighty Mouse at Lakeside!!!

    Pongo & Mouse….. pony power!

  4. Looks like we’ll have quite the crossrails contingency… Joe on Pongo, Julieanne on Mouse, and Michaela on Indy!

  5. ….Now plus Maddy on Wasabi and Chelsea on Benny!

  6. What a great weekend! Julieanne & Mighty Mouse, Joe & Pongo, Maddy & Wasabi, Chelsea & Benny, and Michaela & Mighty Mouse all tackled Lakeside Hunters on both Saturday and Sunday. The result? Riders and horses who improved steadily all weekend long… How much more can you ask for than that??

    Julieanne did a wonderful job in her very first show! She ended the weekend with a 2nd of 6 horses in the Ground poles flat class, and two 5ths in jumping! She was adoreable!

    Micahaela did her first jumping show, and conquered the crossrails! She was a star and finished 3rd in three of her classes.

    Joe had a spectacular debut on Pongo… They are such a great pair! Joe cantered Pongo over fences for the first time today and was all grins. He finished with 3 ribbons today! He did an amazing job! On Saturday, he got a 6th place on the flat out of 15 ponies!!!!! WOW!!!

    Chelsea had her first show with Benny. What a fancy star he will be! He LOVES to jump… On Sat, he did crossrails. On Sunday, he proceeded to jump the 3′ hunters with two 3rd place ribbons!!

    Maddy and Wasabi were great. All weekend, this 4yo pony was a star, standing like a champ, schooling 3′ fences, and showing in the 2′ hunters. Is there anything that pony won’t jump???

    Photos posted on Snapfish. Video coming this week.

    Becca, you were jumping simultaneously with the crossrails kids, so I missed cheering for you… How did it go?

  7. bzhorse says:

    Luckily the day didn’t continue as it started! In my first class (thankfully just a class I was using as warmup), I accidentally skipped fence one and continued on…so much for that! In the next class (also a 2’6″ warmup), we were still warming up and jumped double clear and clear through the jump off. We ended fifth of fifteen in the class.

    We showed in both trips of the 3’3″. Chris was SPECTACULAR in the first trip, clean and fast all through. We won the class! Then, in the second trip he was equally wonderful, but then we (we being me) saw the world’s worst distance in the jump off and somehow Chris made it over the fence clean. It slowed us down just a tic however, and we finished second by literally one second. We ended up Sunday series Champions!!!

    Congrats to everyone, I watched what I could and I was SUPER impressed by everyone! Wonderfully done!

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