Week of Sept 29-Oct 5: Jumpstart HT

Here’s congratulations to John Skaggs & Patrick on their win at the Bluegrass Pony Club HT!!  (Patrick was a Team CEO sales horse in 2007, and this was their third horse trial together!  Congratulations!!!!)


Jumpstart, as always, will be a big weekend of moveups for Team CEO Eventing!

Here’s what I see on the schedule for the entry status… I’m sure I missed someone…. Anyone?
Beginner Novice:  Chelsea & Visa, Sarah & Linguine, Hannah & Vaughn.  (Coursewalk Friday at 4:30pm.)

Novice:  Megan & Visa,  Holly & Zephyr.  ( Coursewalk Friday at 6pm.  )

Training:  Chelsea & Basil,  Megan & Oliver,  Sarah & Beef,  Chris & Becca.  (Coursewalk Friday at 5:15pm. )

Will all of these coursewalk times work for everyone???


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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15 Responses to Week of Sept 29-Oct 5: Jumpstart HT

  1. hfmoore says:

    Congratulations, John. This is living proof that you CAN canter — all 4 feet off the ground.

  2. nikandol says:

    I will be there at 5:15 to walk the training with you.

  3. holzeph says:

    Congrats John!!

    6 PM on Friday sounds perfect – see you there!

  4. equestriquin says:

    just curious…is visa in BN or N?

  5. LOL, you mean you object to him being ridden twice at the same HT??? Hahaha. I was entered on him at N, but Chelsea is going to ride him in leiu of her entry on Addy, as Addy is now *hoping* *fingers crossed* *gulp* pregnant! I’ll be riding Ryan (da daddy).

  6. I left Maddy off the original list! Sorry! She is running Training as well.

  7. Stabling

    Zephyr 1612
    Bernie 1613
    Ryan 1614
    Vaughn 1615
    Buddy 1616
    Linguine 1617
    Basil 1618
    Visa 1619
    Beef 2022

  8. hfmoore says:

    Donuts at 9:00 a.m. Barn 16

  9. What an incredibly weekend!!!!!! Every one of our students completed their events–many while moving up–and in good form!

    Training Level Results…

    2nd…Becca & Chris…. had a 30-something in dressage, (sorry, my memory at this point in the weekend is a bit tired), a clean xc round, and a double clean sj. THere were many, many rails in SJ, so Becca moved up to finish in 2nd place!!!

    Sarah & Beef …had a good dressage test, jumped a GREAT cross country round–really pretty! They got a little tired at two fences and had a stop, but did a great time in only her second USEA horse trial! They had a great showjump round, with only two rails–both at the “a” portion of the combinations in just a green moment. They were fabulous in their first outing at Training!

    10th…Chelsea & Basil… also moved up to Training this weekend! They had a lovely dressage test! They jumped double clean in XC with a wonderful round, then had a great SJ round to finish 10th in their first outing at Training!

    10th…Megan & Oliver… had great fun…. He scored a 36 in dressage, and jumped clean cross country with just a few time penalties as they schooled around. Oliver was a star in show jumping, and had just one rail. Nikki took him around the Training course after the show,and he was excellent!

    5th… Maddy & Bernie… did a great job. 37 in dressage including an error, a much improved test with beautiful paces. Maddy did a great job! She went xc double clean with a gorgeous round, and jumped double clean in show jumping to finish on her 37 dressage score!

  10. Holly & Zepyr did their first Novice!!!!!!!! They were stellar, and had the prettiest xc round you could possibly imagine! It was a great accomplishment that they had 2 speed faults, as the instructions were to “Go! Go! Go!” and go they did!
    They did a great job in stadiu, though a little less going… 6 time faults in an otherwise clean round and they finished 12th in a big division. (Without the time, I think they would have been 7th or 8th.) A GREAT move up and a hugely successful weekend!!!! Well done!!

    Hannah & Vaughn had their first weekend together! I didn’t get to see their final result, but they did a great job . Pretty dressage test, all the right diagonals! (I think we can all remember how hard that was to master when you are first starting out!) They jumped clean in SJ with tons of beautiful flying changes around each bend. They jumped clean on cross country with a really pretty round!! Congratulations!!

    Chelsea & Visa were wonderful… they did a great job on a catch ride, jumping double clean on XC and finishing in 6th!!

    Sarah & Linguine continued their impressive tradition…. Even after a bizzare mixup which left poor sarah getting on linguine only seconds before she had to go into the dressage arena!! They still managed to pull off a 39 in dressage despite the very rought morning! Well done! They jumped a beautiful double clean show jumping round, then continued to jump clean on xc!! They finished on their dressage score, and finished in 3rd place in a huge division of Beginner Novice Horse!!!! This is the class for professionals, so really impressive that they held their own against pros!

  11. equestriquin says:

    yay all!!! you guys did a great job, I am so proud of everyone!

  12. bzhorse says:

    Congratulations to everyone on their successes and thank you all for your support…it was an honor to have such a fantastic cheering section at my stadium round!

  13. holzeph says:

    I think poor Zephyr was pooped – he was just crawling up to the show jumps no matter what i did… i’m very relieved we had no stops… looks like we’ll have to work on our fitness for next year! I’m so proud of my pony though, i was really trying not to have any rails and we managed that 🙂 He was such a superstar in XC though, i’m still on Cloud 9 about that!

    Congrats to everyone on great riding all weekend, and MANY thanks to Megan for her wonderful, tireless coaching!!

  14. Holly–you had such an amazing weekend!! What a stylish way to move up! Zephyr was quite the star.

    And It was great to have Quin and Kim around for a cheering section–they were a BIG hep!!

  15. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Team CEO: I really enjoyed being there to witness all your success on Sat – congrats to all!! Holly, your boy looked amazing on XC! I know you are so proud of him! See you all at Masteron on Sat! – Kim

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