Week of October 6-12

Congratulations to Sarah Coble and Linguine on their big win last weekend at the Bluegrass Pony Club HT!!!  The pair scored a 31 in dressage to lead throughout the competition!  Congratulations to both!!!!





Megan will be out of town on business on October 7, 8, and 9.   She will be unavailable for lessons on those days.  Lessons will be available on Friday October 10.  Cross Country schooling at Masterson will be organized on the afternoon of Saturday, October 11.  Please let megan known if you plan to join us!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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10 Responses to Week of October 6-12

  1. hfmoore says:

    Whoo hoo — way to go, Sarah!

  2. Anyone want to go to Masterson on Saturday to cross country school in groups for Team Challenge? We could go by team! (Can also bring anyone who isn’t competing.)

    It could be great fun!!

  3. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Sat – Oct 11?

  4. holzeph says:

    I think i can do the 11th!

  5. equestriquin says:

    I’m totally up for that, just give me the time!!!

  6. Excellent…. I have some on-farm obligations in the morning…. Would the afternoon work for everyone? Say 1pm for Novice/Beg Novice and 4pm for Training/Prelim?

    Would that work for everyone? I will be putting some coursemaps and a few mini- courses together, and want to school courses of masterson, not individual jumps, so that we can have a great simulation for team challenge. 🙂 Anyone is welcome to sign up, even if you aren’t heading to TC. Just please let me know so I can have a game plan. 🙂

    And pls let me know if anyone needs a ride… I’ll be making many, many trailer trips. 🙂

  7. holzeph says:

    1:00 sounds good! I think i’ve talked the fiance into taking photos, even! We will need a lift…

  8. murphysgreytrooper says:

    1pm for BN/Nov sounds great! My friend Kim Hicks has an interest in coming w/ me w/ her app. Would that be ok? She’s gearing up for the FCF minitrial in Nov. – Kim

  9. nikandol says:

    I am supposed to work from 3:30-7:30 on Sat, but I will see if I can get out of it.

  10. The wrapup?

    Nikki rode brilliantly and is doing a GREAT job with oliver…. They jumped ’round the training course and part of the Prelim, including the very, very challenging prelim coffin. It’s looking great for TC! She has really mastered her talented horse, and they look unstoppable for the future!! Basil and Chelsea and Maddy and Bernie both showed us that they are ready for any challenges next week might bring, conquering prelim questions and the coffin with ease. Sarah and Beef were fabulous and, as always, were the ditch queens of the day.

    The lower level guys are looking great, too! We came up with some new games for the BN/N horses, and they wowed and impressed. KIm & Trooper were absolutely unstoppable all day. Linguine found his springs and jumped brilliantly, even when he thought that perhaps you should bounce the fake ditch n wall…. Athletic!!! He is a very sincere horse. Holly and Zephyr blew us all away with the way they attacked the course, and didn’t bat an eye at any of the crazy things we came up with! Kim & Wi are proving that they are very ready for Flying Cross, conquering the bn and starter course and laying more proof that spots love to jump! Visa jumped as well as he’s ever jumped, and just about when Maddy had him completely figured out, he pulled his shoe standing still! I knew he had talent, but not that kind… He called it a day, as the footing was too hard to continue shoeless. Indy and Quin did a great job, and are really ready for next weekend.

    It was a great prep for the weekend! Everyone was stellar, and I am so excited to see how they put it all together at Team Challenge!

    I have one more load left for Masterson today, as I ran out of room yesterday. Will probably head out there around 2pm. Now it’s time to play with the BIG boys… Benny, Wasabi, and Triscuit!! Haha.

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