Week of October 13 to 19: Team Challenge HT

Team Challenge Preliminary Team: Team CEO Preliminary

Ali Zeitlin & Alex      Megan Lanzarone & Ziggy

Team Challenge Training Team:  Team CEO Megan’s Monkeys




Madeline Walzem & Bernie,     Sarah Coble & Beef,      Nikki Kowalski & Oliver,     Chelsea Brant & Basil

Team Challenge Novice Team:  Team CEO The Incredibles





Kim Branscom & Trooper,  Sarah Coble & Permesso, Megan & Ryan, Holly Wiedemann & Trevor


Team Challenge Beg Novice Team:  Team CEO Gettin’ Started




Hannah Goodwin & Vaughn,   Quin Sweeney & Indy,  Holly Werner & Zephyr


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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33 Responses to Week of October 13 to 19: Team Challenge HT

  1. I stopped by Wal Mart today and got lots and lots of green and yellow facepaint to paint horses! Any suggestions for decorations? Any requests?????

  2. equestriquin says:

    hahahaha!!! I love the names. This is going to be GREAT, I can’t wait! I am happy to donate my time and sewing machine in any manner we can be useful to deck us all out in green and yellow!!

  3. holzeph says:

    Ooooooooooh, face paint for horses – FUN!!! 🙂 i don’t have anything green or yellow, so let me know if there’s a saddle pad or something i can borrow!

  4. murphysgreytrooper says:

    omigod, im so excited!! How bout quarter-marker stencils using green and yellow paint for THE INCREDIBLES? Looks like there’s 2 white horses and 2 dark horses – might look cool! Does anyone have green and yellow tape for leg wraps?

    Congrats to Sarah and Mike on their recent WINS!! That’s awesome!

    Hoping to make it up this Sat to watch the Jump Start gang, and do a little shopping at the HP. See you all then…. – Kim

  5. Kim, you are absolutely right! I hadn’t caught that!! We have two black warmbloods (trakehners), and two white warmbloods (hanoverian & oldenburg). Wooohoo! Two matched pairs on the novice team!!

  6. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I can make Green and Yellow non-permanent ribbon browbands for whoever wants one…all I need is green and yellow ribbon and the browbands! Let me know if anyone wants one!

    We should definitely do some of those lei things again; they were way too much fun! I’ll look through my old pictures of Team Challenge and get some ideas 🙂

  7. holzeph says:

    Vaughn and Zephyr could get some Appy spots to match Indy, perhaps?

    Great idea on the browbands, Ali!

  8. Holly,
    I LOVE that idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will definitely make them stand out!!! Spots would be brilliant! I can get black and white face paint (washes out easily) for the light and dark horses, respectively.

    Do we want to do this at ALL levels or just the BN team??

  9. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Alex should probably get spots of some sort…I mean he is on a team with Ziggy!!! Haha!

  10. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I say we go SPOTLESS for novice. I was leaning toward the green and yellow myself? But I could be persuaded…. Light blue anyone??? – Kim

  11. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Holly, thanks for sharing – those costume pics are awesome! – Kim

  12. HOLY COW!!! LOL!!! That is HILARIOUS Holly! I can’t imagine that any ponyon this planet would be broke enough to stand inside a cardboard box. Now THAT’s when you know your horse is incredibly broke!!

  13. hfmoore says:

    I think Hopper would do well in one of those outfits (LOL!!!)

  14. We now have teams at Beg Novice, Novice, Training, and Preliminary. All teams have 4 horses and are full. We are looking forward to an amazing outing!

    So it sounds like the Novice team will have green and yellow. 🙂

    The Beg Novice & Training team will have spots to match indy. (Have fun with the face paint!!)

  15. equestriquin says:

    yay!!! Who are the other horses on the teams?

    I bought a pad online–a green air-flow pad with yellow piping. It arrived today and it looks like it would fit a 16.5 saddle very well!! (Not the 18″ Stubben!!) 😦 So anyone who would like it for XC is welcome to it.

  16. holzeph says:

    Quin, my saddle is a 16.5 if you don’t mind me borrowing it! (i only have blue pads.) I’m psyched about the shirts, too! 🙂

  17. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Friday at 6pm for novice is perfect for me – thx! Will you let us know what barn we’re in later in the week? Im pumped! – Kim

  18. holzeph says:

    We’re shipping the magazine on Thursday, which usually means a late night at work for me… but i can give it a walk on Friday when i pick up my packet and buy shavings. Decorating sounds like fun, i will see if you guys are still there after i get done riding on Weds!

  19. Holly…. No problem–we’ll do the BN coursewalk on Friday as well. Here are the revised coursewalk schedules:


    Thursday Preliminary 4:45pm

    Thursday Training 5:45pm

    Friday Novice 6:00pm

    Friday Beg Novice 6:45pm

    Does this work for everyone? If we need to, we can do Fri instead of Thurs, but having it on THursday really, really helps keep friday night from being a nightmare!!!

    Since we have (Alex, Ziggy, Basil, Bernie, Beef, Ryan, Trevor, Linguine, Zephyr, Pongo, Visa, and Indy) twelve horses going from our farm itself, the girls and I will coordinating feeding these twelve and taking hay/grain over. This should help all the horses eat at the same time, and make a little less work for you riders. Cheers!

    Wednesday 6:00pm decorating party at the Kentucky Horse Park!!! I have lots of balloons, streamers, etc, etc, etc. if anyone wants to come! (The girls and I will be there till about 8pm.)

  20. holzeph says:

    Perfect, thanks Megan!

  21. I wish I had taken a pic! The girls worked super hard at the horse park tonight, and the stalls are 80% decorated. It looks great and they did a fantastic job!

    We are in barn # 15.

    As for the BN team, the dressage is Sat evening, with SJ and XC both on Sunday.

  22. holzeph says:

    Good job guys! Sorry i couldn’t join the fun, had more work to do 😦

    It’s gonna be COLD when we do XC on Sunday morning… eeek!

  23. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Sorry that I couldn’t make it for the decoration party! I can’t wait to see it.

  24. murphysgreytrooper says:

    How COLD is it supposed to be? How much FLEECE should I pack? Eeeek, is right! Trooper may also have SPOTS (aka manure stains) if its too cold for a bath Friday. Its raining here now. Maybe I should run out to the barn and throw some shampoo on him in the field!

  25. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Umm, can I officially say that Team CEO Prelim All-Stars DOMINATED today?!?! With only a three man team, we somehow still managed to pull off scores that were ALL under 40!!!

  26. hfmoore says:

    And can you share, officially, the placings?

  27. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Well, Megan came in on a 31.something on Hopper and is currently in FIRST PLACE! Then, our scramble teammate, Tori, got a 38.something and is currently in FOURTH PLACE! Finally, I received a 39.something and am tied for sixth place, only a couple points off the lead.

    As a team, the Team CEO Prelim All-Stars are in…drumroll please…FIRST overall!!!

  28. *Yawn!* What a wonderfully (but exhausting) weekend! Here’s the short story:

    Preliminary: Team FINISHED 6th!!!
    Ali had 39 dressage, 0/0 xc (time was very difficult to make!), and a great sj round for 8th individually!wq22222z
    Hopper had a 31 in dressage, 0/0 xc, and one rail in SJ. We sadly lost our lead by being three seconds too slow–so three seconds dropped us down to 2nd place. Still, a great finish!

    Nikki & Oliver are back and better than ever to finish on dressage score of 37! They were 5th individually.
    Maddy & Bernie finished just 0.8 faults over their dressage score of 36 for 5th individually!
    Chelsea & Basil had the most beautiful cross country course, and picked up another prelim qualifier!
    Sarah & Beef had a beautiful dressage test and a great weekend, with just a couple of slow moments. 🙂

    Holly & Trevor are back! The pair jumps clean on XC and just one rail in SJ after the summer off! We’ve missed them!
    Sarah & Linguine were 3rd after dressage with an amazing test, and just one rail in SJ. The incredibly tough course caused baby moments, but they completed the course happily.
    Ryan commiserated that the coffin was too tough–he was brilliant to that point, but was too green as a 4yo to understand the training coffin (that was kept for novice!) and ended his day there. Babies will be babies!
    Kim & Trooper were excellent, to finish on their dressage score with beautiful jump rounds for 7th place!

    Beg Novice: TEAM FINISHED 3rd!!!!
    Quin & Indy ribbon in 7th in their first event together!
    Holly & Zephyr are on a roll and place 4th!
    Hannah & Vaughn are becoming a great partnership for 11th!
    Maddy & Visa are brilliant to finish on 38 for 2nd!!!!!

  29. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Congratulations to everyone! I had a great time, and I think that our decorating skills were pretty darn good this year! This was probably the last year for the lei around the waist for me 😉 Great job everyone and way to keep the team spirit going! Fabulous pictures on snapfish too!

  30. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I had the BEST weekend evah! Thank you so much to Team CEO for including us! (I think we look good in green & yellow – I might be having a huge light blue sale!) A special thanks to Sarah, Chelsea and Maddy for being so helpful and tirelessly giving – you guys are the cream of the crop! Ali – you are so photogenic in the snapfish pics, and loved the lei-belt thing! Too funny. And congrats to all – we had some big-time placers! Wow – Quinn, Holly and Maddy – you BN girls rocked! A huge congrats (and thx) to Megan for her 2nd place and world-class coaching! Already looking forward to T.C. 2009!
    – Kim

  31. holzeph says:

    I second what you said, Kim!! I had a FANTASTIC time and get depressed thinking about how there are no more horse trials at KHP till next spring!

    Thanks to Megan and the wonderful WS’s for all their tireless hard work – and fabulous decorations! The team spirit was sooo much fun to be a part of. And I am beyond proud of my BN team and little chestnut pony 🙂

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