Not Very Scary HT

Here we go!  Just a few days till the Not Very Scary HT!  We have a crew of horses and riders heading out…  I am so excited for everyone!  

Hope & Othello:  Greener Than Grass.  Grass arena.  Intro Test A.  10:35, 11:00, 11:36
Joe & Zack:  Greener Than Grass.  Grass arena. Intro Test A.  10:40, 11:05, 11:39
Chelsea & Caleb:  Puddle Jumper Horse.  N Test A.   Hill arena.  1:18, 2:54, 5:39. 
Mike & Spud:  Puddle Jumper Rider.  BN A.  Hill arena.  12:18, 1:54, 4:57.
Maddy & Visa:  Leaper Horse.  BN B.  Hill arena.  9:12, 10:42, 3:00.
Sarah & Linguine:  Leaper Rider.  BN B.  Hill arena.  8:12, 9:42, 2:06.
Hannah & Vaughn.  Leaper Rider.  BN B.  Hill arena.  8:48, 10:18, 2:36. 


Sounds like we have three courses to walk….  Grass (Joe, Hope)…  Puddle (Chelsea, Mike)…  Leaper (Maddy, Sarah, Hannah)…  Would it be possible to walk XC courses on Friday, or should we do it on Saturday?  (Seems like there are a LOT of rides on Saturday to contend with, and might be nice to know where we are going ahead of time.)

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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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10 Responses to Not Very Scary HT

  1. askaggs says:

    I was planning to drive out Friday evening to find out where this place is and walk the XC. I would love to see all you guys out there. What time are you thinking for the course walk?

    I’m entered with Thatcher for the Leapers and Patrick is entered for Greener Than Grass, although the issue of who will ride him is still a bit up in the air…

    Looking forward to seeing you all! Annie

  2. I wonder what the Greener Than Grass course will be like… I went back to the website to read the entry form again, but the link had been replaced with the ride times. How big is it supposed to be?

    I’m flexible on the time on Friday… Any requests?

  3. pongorider says:

    Take russle cave road to 460 at centerville for a starting point.

    Head away from lexingtion on russle cave road.

    Hawkings cummings road is a little way doun and turn left.

    The farm is about a mile? on the right hand side!

    Whoo hoo Annie… Want to see the two ton tussies thunder!!!


  4. askaggs says:

    I can’t wait to see the big guys fly!

    A course walk in the evening (after 5:30 or so, up until dark) is best for those of us who have to have real jobs to pay for this insane hobby.


  5. askaggs says:

    Oh, and I had printed the original web site description of the show and it says Greener than Grass is Intro test A and Walk/Trot poles, untimed for XC. Unfortunately stadium was off the edge of the paper, but I think it was W/T poles also.

  6. How about 5:45pm for the Beginner Novice, 5:15 for the Starter, and 4:45 for the Green as Grass? All coursewalks on Friday.

  7. askaggs says:

    Yikes! I AM scared. Gonna do it anyway…but yikes!

    Does anybody know if the standard Team CEO dress code of “conservatively colored polos” will be sufficient?

  8. Yes, a white polo is appropriate, per the entry form page. (Technically the USEA rules state that one day horse trials are appropriate for white polos even for sanctioned events.) 🙂

    It’ll be great!

  9. What a great day!! Annie had a terrific first outing with Thatcher, and finished 2nd with a clean xc and sj round. Maddy had a great day with Visa, earning a 34 in dressage and clean xc. Leaders after xc, some green moments in sj cost them the lead, but Maddy did a terrific job keeping him going, and he was all the better for it! Chelsea took the very young Caleb around his first event, and he jumped clean with just 1 rail in sj to ifnish 4th! He was the hit of the show! Mike was amazing and cruised around the xc clean and clean show jumping! (When we left, his scores weren’t up, so no results yet.) Hope had a great event, and finished 3rd on her dressage score with Othello! Joe and Zack had great funin the Green as Grass, and finished 7th with an incredibly proud Joe aboard. Hannah had a great final outing on Pongo, earning a 39 in dressage with a much, much improved dressage test. They jumped clean in xc and stadium (with just a little scoring error) to finish 4th at Beginner Novice. But the best headline of the day? Sarah & Linguine WIN their division of Beginner Novice, jumping clean in sj and xc and with a dressage score of 31.0!!! They had five 8’s.

    Congrats to all!

  10. thehunterkid says:

    Sooo exciting!
    Very proud of you all.
    I especially like Mr. Caleb…he is extremely adorable!!!
    Also thought I would add that I saw Chelsea’s horse (Benny) on leighton farm’s webpage a few weeks ago (before she bought him) and I *almost* called about him. I also said to my mom “Wow, he looks alot like Basil…..I bet he’d make a great event horse, he’s Megan’s type of horse.”
    HAHA, I’m very jealous Chelsea, he’s a very cute boy and you two will be stellar together! =D

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