Weekend Wrap Up

All sorts of fun stuff to report! 

Kim Branscom and Trooper had a really impressive weekend…. They have worked so hard on their dressage, and the hard work is paying off!!!  They scored a great 36 in their dressage!  The show jumping course proved very challenging, and there were many eliminations, time faults, and rails.   Not for Kim!!  They jumped double clear in SJ only to advance onto a wonderful, rhythmical double clean cross country round!!  They had an excellent weekend, finishing on their dressage score of 36 to finish tied for 5th place in their division!  Congrats!   (Kim shown here conquering the log into water at Flying Cross.)

Ali and Alex sound like they had a fun weekend… I’d love to hear more from the source, but the word on the street says that Alex finished in 3rd place in the Secretariat Look Alike Contest this weekend!  (At right, Megan and Oliver make new friends.)





 I am back on the farm and thrilled to be home.  I am looking forward to teaching this week, and will be available for Tues/Wed lessons.    (At left, Chelsea and Basil in their lesson today.)




Hope  & Quin sound like they’ll be manning a tack sale table at the Not Very Scary HT this weekend.   I am also working on compiling a list of saddles and equipment for sale, and will be advertising it at shows and online.  I have to do this for my own stuff anyway, so if anyone would like to add anything on the list, let me know.  It’s turning out to be quite fun…. I will post it in the barn as soon as it is completed, in case anyone would like to do a bit of shopping.  So far we have a really interesting, useful list going on!  (I’m having fun.)    (Above right, Maddy and Bernie today.)

Nikki and Oliver had a great cross country schooling today at Flying Cross…. I got the chance to ride him–what a talented young horse!  They were brilliant, and got to school some of the Prelim stuff.   (At left, Nikki and Oliver cross country schooling.)


I am very excited about the Not Very Scary MT this weekend.  Caleb (aka Lub Lub, aka Tiny) is debuting this weekend.  I can’t wait to see he and Spud together!!!  How exciting!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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5 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up

  1. holzeph says:

    Congrats, Kim!! Very nice work 🙂

    Glad to have you back, Megan! What time is the group lesson on Tues? I need some serious work on my lazy pony before Jump Start 🙂

    I’m also thinking about selling my two black bridles, so I can buy… another black bridle! (Actually one is too big and one is too small; looking for one that’s juuuuust right)

  2. nancyadams says:

    Check out these pics I found of Ali and Alex in the Secretariat Look-A-Like contest!


  3. Holly, What were you hoping to do with Zephyr this week? We can do group or private, your choice.

    Nancy, that article was GREAT!!! Good find! I almost didn’t recognize Alex with a blaze!!

  4. holzeph says:

    I’m a tad nervous about Zephyr’s first Novice, even though he was great at his last 3 BN shows… I mostly want to make sure he’ll go over 3′ without fail in stadium… and maybe pop over an XC jump or two if there’s time? Private is great but if there are others wanting a group lesson that night, I don’t mind! 6:30 would be fine on Tues, but if you want to start earlier, I can try to get out of work earlier (oh, darn) 🙂

  5. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Thanks for the website with the pictures!!! Alex was such a star…he was totally perfect for the painter, quiet as anything for the judging, and maybe the best behaved horse out of the whole thing! All of the judges loved him, and he sure enjoyed the attention! Third place out of 19, and out of 50 that applied! Yeah for Shmalatariat 🙂 Pictures to go on Snapfish soon.

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