Team CEO Weekly Update

Hi all!!!   Chelsea and I are missing you all a ton while we’re away in Virginia.  As posted in an earlier post, I will miss the lessons on Sept 9, 10, 16, 17 at the farm, but life will return as normal for lessons on the 23rd. 

I am tremendously excited for the Not Very Scary MT in Paris in a few weeks… What an exciting debut it will be for Caleb!  Caleb is the very, very oversized paint/draft in the front field, whom the Goodwins have nicknamed as “Tiny”.  haha    He and Spud should make a triumphant team at the Starter level, don’t you think??    Sarah will be taking LInguine there, which should be promising after his absolutely breathtaking dressage test at Kentucky Classique!!  Maddy will be taking Visa to dust off the cobwebs, and the pair of young Trakehners should be quite amusing!  Hannah promises to be the anchor of the team!!!

This month will be great fun… We will all be prepping for the MT as well as Jumpstart HT.   We are eagerly searching for new horses for Quin and Chelsea, which is always an exciting but somewhat nervewrecking process.  Kirk has been an absolute gem and will return to Annie this week as a quite and confident young man–I know she will have a blast with him. (Though it sounds like she’s having even more fun with a very special young chestnut who is near and dear to my heart!) 

I am already looking forward to the early November version of the Lakeside Arena HJ Show.  I think we’ll have quite a few young horses who will want to go to get their feet wet, and I am secretly hoping that we’ll have a great group of junior riders debuting there on the ponies!!  How fun would that be???

Ooooh, more gossip!!!!  Has anyone noticed what Ashley Sager has been galloping around the farm on lately???? Any guesses? 

If you need anything, please contact the girls, Austin, or Howard.  I will answer all emails happily, but sadly I do not have any slight ounce of cell phone reception here, so I can’t even check voicemail.  We are that far out in the middle of nowhere!!  🙂  We miss you and hope to see you soon.


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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11 Responses to Team CEO Weekly Update

  1. ashabelle says:

    I am so glad you both are having fun in Virginia! The farm is running smoothly and all the horses have been perfect. How are Nemo and Hopper doing at boot camp? Any new tricks to torture us with when you return? And it appears that I have found a shipper and will sadly not be here for any of the fun events you are talking about – I leave sometime between Saturday and Monday.

    And did anyone guess who I have been riding this week (although you all probably know since I have been telling everyone)…Triscuit! Haha, I was supposed to leave this past Sunday and when Paddy’s shipper fell through I told Megan, fine, if I am here for another week then I am going to break Triscuit, she laughed and said “You have fun with that.” And so I did and it is fun! On Tueday I started putting tack on the cracker (aka Triscuit), he was perfect so I rode him that same day, walk and trot. Wednesday he learned to canter (by following his friends), and today he cantered all by himself and followed big, brave lub-lub (aka Caleb) over the cross rails in the ring. He is a super-star and has yet to misbehave! I just wish Jerry was here and not at Howards or he’d be my next target, haha!

  2. hfmoore says:

    Hmmmmm, if I can find out what shipper you’re using, wanna bet I can delay you ANOTHER week? By then, the cracker should be running preliminary.

  3. Ashley, your description of the two draft horses caused quite an uproar in our mountain campground!!! Chelsea and I were laughing uncontrollably while reading it. Talk about a mental image!!

    Heck, we’ll have to bring Picasso up for you to break! haha

  4. ashabelle says:

    You should have seen triscuit at the first jump, he stops in front of the cross rail, and said to me “Hey dummy, you can go around these things, let me show you”

    And I was like “no triscuit, we’re going over.”

    He responded “why? Let me show you how to walk around it. It’s easier, I’ll show you”

    I quietly said, “nope we go over.”

    And then he sighed and walked over it mumbling to himself “dumb working student she’s so stupid she doesn’t know you can go around” then he literally watched caleb go over one or two other cross rails and you could just tell he was thinking to himself “this is dumb, going around is easier, this is the dumbest thing that has ever happened to me”

  5. pongorider says:

    Go Lub Lub and the two ton tussies!

    Spud says the same thing in the dressage arena!!!!!n And why are we doing circles>>>

  6. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Hi guys: Is anyone doing Flying Cross next weekend?? Will I be all alone?? – Kim

    ps: Is the novice T.C. team really called “The Incredibles”?

  7. sweetadelaide says:

    you know it!!! were all INCREDIBLE!!! 🙂

  8. Here’s some narration from our travels…

    Chelsea: “He won’t die! He won’t die! He won’t die!” (she screams as she beats the horse trailer’s bed with a pillow.) “Ewww. Spidey dead.”

    …. blood curtling screams can be heard all the way from Kentucky….

    Ahh, the luxuries of living in a horse trialer in the mountains.

  9. The word on the street is that Chelsea has a fabulous new horse!! He’s a 4yo bay 16h OTTB gelding named Benny. He is gorgeous with an adoreable refined head and a gorgeous build. Super cute! We’re picking him up today…. Chelsea is overwhelmingly excited!! His race name is, um, not going to work for us… Can anyone offer some inspirations? He’s an adoreable, sweet 4yo who is a bright bay and very much a pretty boy. He is very refined, which will be hilarious for Chelsea to go from 17.1h Addy to 16h Benny! 🙂 He was bred in KY, then raced in MD, and will now be returning to KY. Any name ideas?

  10. equestriquin says:

    YAY CHELSEA AND BENNY!!! Way to go! I’m so excited for you all and I can’t wait to meet your new boy! I’ll have to get thinking on a show name for you….;) Congrats to you both!

  11. hfmoore says:

    How about FRED?

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