Cross Country Opportunities this Week

Cross Country Schooling at Flying Cross Farm on Wednesday, including Show Jumping schooling.  XC schooling at KHP this Sunday.


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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8 Responses to Cross Country Opportunities this Week

  1. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I looked up the times, and it said that prelim show jumping was at 1 pm…what time are you planning to head out there?

  2. Ali Zeitlin says:

    oh PS…
    training: 12 pm
    novice: 11 am
    beginner novice: 10 am

  3. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Im interested in BOTH! Looks like it may rain Wed, but Sat is supposed to be beautiful. What’s the deal w/ Wed at FCF? Do you tool around X-country in a big group, or by levels? Looks like they have AM and PM stadium sessions for BN – Prelim (according to – click Flying Cross and schooling info is at the bottom). X-country open all day. I can meet you there anytime (weather permitting). Plz let me know your plans, thanks – Kim

  4. equestriquin says:

    oooh, save a spot for me on Sunday–I’ll be there, just let me know the time!

  5. We’ll be heading off to Flying Cross at 9am on Wednesday. We’ll do one group there–about 4-5 horses–of the entire XC, all levels. Then Ali will do some Prelim SJ at 1pm, and then we’ll head home. So the XC group lesson will be 11am to 1pm. Hope you can join us!!!!

  6. askaggs says:

    I’m heartbroken to be stuck carrying boxes back and forth to move my office this week. After all, I have a new pony to get to know, and FC would be such a great time for us…. But what is Quinn talking about for Sunday? All the phone/fax/computer moving will be done Friday, and then when it doesn’t work I’ll beat the phone company and the IT guys senseless on Saturday until they fix it……THEN on Sunday I will ride, come hell or nonfunctional office equipment….

    Thatcher and I need some tuning up if we are going Novice on the 17th. Where can I hitch up with you guys?

  7. WOW… GREAT day at Flying Cross!!! Ashley Sager on Paddy and Jane on Vaughn both had the opportunity to jump the entire Prelim course at Flying Cross! This is no small accomplishment, as I consider this course probably the most challenging course in Area 8 at that level. Ali & Alex schooled only the most challenging elements in order to prioritize the show jumping practice which they also offer. All three girls were amazing, and made light work of the very challenging courses…. Coffins, bounces, log drops, irish banks, trakehners, bounce banks, sunken road. WOW! They were all three especially impressive over the HUGE preliminary log drop into water, which is definitely the biggest in the area and pushing towards Intermediate. They were brilliant! Stay tuned on Thursday for photos and video!

    I rode Ryan around the Novice and Training course… What a tiger he is! He loved the courses and the bigger challenge… Stood quietly while I taught off of him, then galloped around the course like a TB but jumped like a WB… I love that horse!!

    Well done girls! ANd thanks to Chelsea for photographing!

  8. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Thank you SO much!!! That was a great and succesful day. Good job to everyone and thanks Chelsea for taking pictures!

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