Quick Results from Pennyoaks HT

Just arriving home, exhausted… Will do the write-up on Monday, but for today here’s the quick news blip…

Ryan was great in dressage with 37, a tiger on XC, and just 1 rail in SJ.  Would have been 2nd without the rail, instead finished 5th.  Beef was AMAZING in dressage and scored 38, really fast on xc and wonderful, and jumping huge in SJ but two silly rails when I overrode him.  Sandy stepped on himself in the stall on Friday and was just a hair sore so we withdrew him, but was fine again by Saturday and thinks he had a great vacation. 

And to save the best for last… Ashley & Paddy do their first ever Preliminary HT… Great dressage, the only horse/rider to make time XC in an absolutely beautiful round, and just one rail in show jumping…  TO WIN THEIR FIRST EVER PRELIMINARY HORSE TRIAL!!  WOW!!!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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10 Responses to Quick Results from Pennyoaks HT

  1. equestriquin says:

    YAY ASHLEY!!!!! That’s AWESOME, I am so proud of you guys! (And Ryan and Beef and everyone else!) WAY TO GO!!!! 😀

  2. pongorider says:

    sssssssssssssssssssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ashely

    (hannah running through the house screaming!!)

  3. bzhorse says:

    Congratulations Ashley!!!!!!!!!! And yay for Beefy and Ry!!!!

  4. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Congrats Ashley! You are officially my hero. Also congrats to Beef and Ryan!

  5. holzeph says:

    I heard a sneak peek of this at the barn last night – SOOOO exciting! Congrats Ashley, very well done!!

  6. horseridermom says:

    Wow – ASHLEY – why am I not surprised? Way to go little kid!!! Of course, some of the credit has to be passsed on to Paddington and then much of it to Megan – mentor, friend, teacher, coach, roommate and so much more.
    Congrats and good luck at the next prelim!!!

  7. ashabelle says:

    Thanks everyone! I couldn’t even believe it. I went into the ring and hear eighth and seventh called and thought “Top six, that’s so good for my first prelim” then heartd sixth through fourth called and thought “Ummm, did someone make a mistake? Am I not supposed to be here?” and then I heard third and second called and I started to cry (Megan was crying too).

    But really I am just so lucky to have found such an amazing horse as Paddy, he just has the best personality, he’s so honest and he just takes care of me in every phase.

  8. ashabelle says:

    Did I mention that I love my horse?

  9. hfmoore says:

    But really, how do you feel about your horse?

  10. UPDATE… Beef finished 8th in Open Novice, 39 in dressage. Ashley/Paddy not only won the Prelim, but looking back they won the prelim with a tidy 5 points in hand over the second place finisher…. Well done!

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