Gemwood HT Results!

Heading off to Gemwood tomorrow!  Taking Ziggy at P and at BN, riding Ryan, Sandy, & Visa.  It’s going to be a whorlwind weekend!!  More later!…


Ziggy was stellar as always.  A very good dressage test left him with a 38 (hmpfh…) and just a couple of points off the lead.  Then to continue with the day on Saturday, all FOUR Team CEO Horses jumped a double clear show jumping round!!!!  pretty stellar since many were stopping or being eliminated.  Even more stellar since Ziggy was the second horse in after a 30 minute hold from which professional Area 8 rider Phillipa Richards was taken to the hospital by ambulance when her horse had a rotational fall in show jumping.  The ground was like concrete, and she was very lucky to return to the show the next day with nothing more than a concussion.  We were all tremendously happy to see her return unscathed, as the entire horse show was very concerned for her well being after her very nasty looking fall. 

Anyway, back to Ziggy!  He show jumped clean and was absolutely brilliant.  Sitting 3rd after SJ in a field full of many nice horses and many advanced riders (just 2 pts off the lead).  On XC, the goal was to prove that he could make time…. He is normally fast on XC, but we are able to cut off SO much distance because is so broke and obedient that I am able to cut off alot of time on the course. This was NOT an option at this even, as all of the jumps were in straight lines on paths in the brush, requiring sheer speed.  He was brilliant! He had a gorgeous XC run, flying around the course with one of the fastest times of the day and easily making the time!  That little pony can fly–at one point we were galloping along the highway on the course and the traffic was going the same speed–ha!  He was brilliant at all of the harder questions, but as it was quite an easy course (no water, no coffin, no ditch/wall) I let my guard down on the easiest horse of my career.  At one in and out that is more of a training level question, I was so relaxed and trusting that I didn’t manage to get ziggy to the “b” element in time, only to have him halt at the face when he finally did see it  like “Where did that come from?”  He proceeded to jump it basically from a stand still, but it was still awarded a stop.  I was annoyed with myself for taking a nap on course, but ZIggy was so brilliant that I couldn’t fault his round… It was beautiful and fast!!  So instead of finishing in 3rd he finished in 7th, still with one of the fastest rounds and still in the ribbons.  (Just shows you how good he was all weekend that he could pick up 20 penalties to add to his dressage score and still finish in the ribbons!)  He was really good, and we’ll take this lesson on with us for next time… What do I always tell my students–it is the easy fences that will get you! 🙂

Fresh off his Young Event Horse win at the Maui Jim HT in July, Ryan rebounded to finish his first horse trial with Megan by tieing for 1st place in the OBN at Gemwood!!! There were over 20 horses in the division ridden by quite a few upper level riders, and he was absolutely brilliant. His dressage test was quite good, though the scoring for the entire class was quite high (ranged from 40 to 63, with multiple riders in the 60’s) so we felt like all of the scores were about 10pts above average.  The show jumping was eating BN horses left and right, with dozens of eliminations and stops.  Ryan sailed right around the course, not batting an eye at anything, to sit in a tie for 1st place after his clear/clean show jumping round!  He was brilliant on XC, and made the course feel like I was riding an old packer… Amazing!  We lost the tiebreaker for closest to optimum to break the tie by just a few seconds, so he finished 2nd at Gemwood (tied for first) in an absolutely brilliant weekend!  And he’s qualified for the BN AEC’s now!

Sandy was really, really good.  His dressage test was really good–especially the trot–as he is such a pretty, fancy horse.  His first five movements on the dressage test were all 7’s.  He was very green in SJ and thought the stone wall was a big, scary monster, but I managed to politely (and without a whip) win the debate that he was going to jump it, and so LOL we finished with a clean round.  This left him just 0.5 points behind the lead!!!  He learned a great lesson on Saturday in SJ, and by Sunday he realized that he LOVES to jump!  His XC round was flawless and footperfect, and I was very proud of him.  He finished on his dressage score and finished in 3rd place, just 0.5 off the lead in the division!! (Halfway qualified for AEC’s.)

Visa had the opportunity to compete two weekends in a row, from Champagne Run to Gemwood, and he managed to grow up immensely in the interim.  He had excellent trot work in the dressage with some green canterwork, and chose to be very brave and careful in show jumping for a double clear round!  He was really good on XC and galloped around pretty quickly with a clear (he has an enormous stride! It feels as if you are simply loping!)  to finish in 7th.  

All in all a great weekend!  Thanks to Ashley W and Jacquie for their great groomin this weekend!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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4 Responses to Gemwood HT Results!

  1. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I thought Gemwood was next weekend…

  2. hfmoore says:

    Pix posted. I’m sure Megan will post results, but as a teaser — the young’uns really stepped up to the plate this weekend. We had 3 horses in the top 7 OBN (out of 20+ entries)!

  3. bzhorse says:

    Congratulations!!! Sounds like this weekend was pretty much awesome for the troupe from Team CEO. Hopefully we can keep up the good work next weekend!!!

  4. hfmoore says:

    If you don’t think Visa has style and scope, look at those knees!!! Shades of Nemo at 4!!

    Sandy was definitely the most stylish horse there — nothing could touch him for beauty. Everyone was oohing over him.

    But Ryan stole the show. Everyone I talked to was asking about him, his background, his age.

    And I am SO PROUD of both Megan and Ziggy. What a disappointment for them, but the pair really put on a show and ran the fastest, neatest XC round I’ve ever seen them perform. They demonstrated their ability and set the foundation for some awesome work in the near future.

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