Maui Jim Updates and Ongoing Results

WHEEE!!!   A great day at Maui Jim HT on Thursday… Today was the day for the Young Event Horse competition!  Ryan scored an outstanding 8+ on his conformation!  Then he continued to perform a quiet, relaxed, connected, through dressage test…. He was gorgeous!  He LOVED the big time atmosphere and he was absolutely stellar.    He was very brave and easy in the showjumping, though mildly unimpressed by the 3′ course, which he thought was tiny.  He was amazing, and I was so thrilled with him…. The quality of the YEH here was amazing, with a large quantity of world class youngsters that would make any event rider drool…  And yet, even with the impressive quality of the company, Ryan WON!!!!  He scored over the 70 mark, which is the “exceptional” mark required to earn a qualifier for the AEC’s!

Dolce was great at his first big outing… He thought that the speaker system was sending him back to the track, though, so the dressage test was a mix of gorgeous and highly athletic bucking…haha!  He is still very green, so the 3′ course to him was big and scary, with lots of walls and planks and without ground lines.  But he tried very hard, and scored an excellent jump score of 7.5, an exceptionally good score and the highest jump score of all the 4yo’s…. He has an AMAZING, extravagent form over fences!!!  He was excellent, and also managaged a qualifying score for the AEC’s!  (And hoping by then we’ll be a little less green….   🙂  

Excellent day!  Dressage for the big boys tomorrow….


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10 Responses to Maui Jim Updates and Ongoing Results

  1. holzeph says:

    WOW, congrats to Megan and Ryan!!! Great work! 🙂

  2. Friday, the big boys did dressage. Nemo was quiet and steady, and got both chances quietly and accurately! The quality of the work was VERY much improved, and I was very happy with him. The good news is our little boy is all grown up, and can do an advanced test nicely without any additional flying changes! The dissappointing news was that we lost points in the movements, ie not quite square in the halt, and an error in the test (huh? still don’t know where that came from). I was very happy with his overall connection and carriage and temperament, but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as it could be. It was an improvement, but I felt like I could easily add a point or two points to every movement… Room to grow! Even with the error, he scored a 71 (FEI scoring), which is four points under the FEI qualification requirement… Hooray! Better yet, I know where to improve, and felt strongly that one more shot at the test that day would have meant I could have taken ten points off the score…. So I am happy with the overall improvement, and itching for the opportunity to get back in the international arena and cut lots of room off that score!!

    Hopper was a hoot in the Intermediate test… He warmed up really well, showing off his much improved trot and canter work and going much more uphill. I was thrilled to show him off!! He trotted around the outside of the arena beautifully and I thought “Yes! That’s what it’s supposed to feel like!!” He began his test in the most lovely trot, and continued to have a GREAT test… Um, er, that is until he turned to see the Training Level SJ warmup on the outside of his ring, which he had yet to notice…. Hmmmm….. loudspeaker + galloping horses + crowd + lots of jockey bats = RACETRACK!!!! He stopped in the middle of the ring, stood straight up like a bear, and refused to go forward an inch! Lovely, that’s a great way to ruin a test! Then he dropped from the air and I lept back into dressage mode, landing straight from rearing into shoulder in in one fell swoop. He performed a beautiful test otherwise… UGH! haha Even with the major disobedience (which killed his submission score, let me tell you!) he still managed to pull off a 41 in dressage, which could have been well into the low 30’s if we had been sans rearing!

    On to tomorrow….. Updates soon! As I type, everyone else is passed out (snoring?) in the hotel room, so I think it’s fair to say we’re all exhausted and moving on to tomorrow. XC for Nemo is at 1pm and Hopper at 4:30pm.

  3. pongorider says:

    Hannah and Joe are rooting for you!!! Have a good ride

  4. Ahhhh, C’est la vie!!! Eventing is a humbling sport, and we call it an addiction because its lows are equally as powerful as its highs.

    I had a mixed-emotion day at Wayne today… Nemo warmed up pretty frantic with the atmosphere, topped with the fact that the very nice USEA people asked me to wear their GPS watch to help learn how people go XC and prevent future fatalities. GULP! That is the last thing you need to think about before XC, especially at this level, where it is a sad reality. So I went out of the box at a big CIC***, and began longing for Mikey, the excellent horse my friend Sarah lost at Rolex this year…. Mikey and Nemo spent the winter taking lessons with Kim together, and he was an extraordinary animal… My mind began to wander… Nemo began jumping the course really well, and jumped the corner at 4AB extremely well. He was great through fence 7, and jumped fence 8A, a maxed out table, like a hunter pony…. XPress Foto caught an amazing picture here! 8B was a bending line from the table, and as we turned I never really committed to the fence 100% and Nemo agreed, weakly cantering past the corner. POSH! Still thinking sadly instead of having fun and focusing on my own excellent partner, I jumped the next two fences and headed down the the big water jump. THere was a big crowd around the very large log drop into water, and four forward strides to a narrow spread table, two forward strides to another spread table, all ABC. Nemo landed beautifully off the drop, but “forward” is a challenging concept in water and we made more like 4.5 strides, which Nemo didn’t understand. He was a bit green about the question, and chose to stop instead of come to grief. The horse before him stopped at it (after jumping clean at Rolex this spring), and the horse after him jumped on top of it and nearly fell sliding off one leg at a time… Not a pretty jump! Nemo cantered a circle in the water and then jumped the in and out really beautifully, again with lots of power and great pictures. He continued on to jump a lovely round around the rest of the course, and was a very good boy. (Even despite the mud from all of the storms this week.) He was a very good boy, but perhaps a bit young… We had a great course, but at those two jumps neither of us was on our game, and it just didn’t happen. So despite 40 penalties being very disappointing for me and sounding gruesome, those were just two of the 38 jumping efforts on the course, and he was a really good boy. I have to be patient that he is only 7yo and competing against 13yo and 16yo horses who have many more years of experience under their belts. He was a very good boy, and I love him dearly, despite our boo boos…..

  5. Hopper was interesting…. He actually jumped his best round ever! He has worked for two years to overcome his wild off-the-killer-truck mentality and become rideable. Today he really achieved that! He jumped every fence beautifully, showing off his freshly-learned bascule. He jumped everything really well, with the exception of one toothbrush…. We had a GREAT line to the fence, and had a great distance…. But he became awestruck by the crowd behind it and only saw it infront of him (despite being set up) as we were about to jump it, so he opted out, taking the flag with his head. (Something he would NEVER do if he saw it…. This horse thinks far too highly of himself!) In the interest of the clock, and with a jump judge who didn’t bother to replace the flag, we attempted to do the impossible—jump a very, very narrow toothbrush with only one flag. Yeah right! Of course, he completely shut me down that time. Ugh, 60 penalties. Then I asked the judge to replace the flag, and then he “got” it, and proceeded to jump it beautifully. But he was SOOOO good at every other fence, including the huge drop into water to a bounce bank out. He was especially excellent at the 2nd water, where many were coming to grief and few completed it without struggling. The Intermediate did the big rolltop ontop of the mound into water (the advanced route), into the water, angle a corner balanced on the edge of the water, three strides to a skinny spread table….. UCK! But Hopper did it all beautifully, and the photographer caught a beautiful series of him through this…. Very nice. So actually I felt a great accomplishment of Hopper….. He picked up his first-ever xc penalties at Intermediate which was sad, but he jumped really, really brilliantly… Every spot was a nice one, every jump well executed…. Who wouldn’t be happy about that????

    Ahhh, eventing. So today concludes with more xc penalties than I’ve ever had in one day, yet quite a few really quality accomplishments that give me great hope and great expectations for my two young upper level horses. Such is life! This evening, everyone looks super sound and super happy, and that is always something to be grateful for.

    And did I mention that Hopper scored a “9” in dressage from a well known international FEI judge?????? 🙂

  6. marianz says:

    Megan, You’ve shown true wisdom and maturity beyond your years. To keep it all in perspective and recognize the many good things that happened despite a few errors, is awesome. Thanks for being such a good teacher and an excellent role model! Marian

  7. thehunterkid says:

    You never cease to amaze me Megan. Not many people could see so many good things come out of their XC run if they made any errors. You’ve truly taught me that good can come out of the mistakes. Thanks!

  8. equestriquin says:

    Megan–We are so proud of you!!! You accomplished great things this weekend, not the least of which is keeping your perspective. Congratulations to you, Ryan, and all your other guys!

  9. Thanks for all of the very, very kind words…. I’m very happy with Nemo! He continued on Sunday to jog unbelieveably well, impressing the judges with his soundness and leaving no doubt in their mind, as they passed him with smiles on their faces. MANY were not so lucky—the heavy going took alot out of the horses, and many, many horses were held at the jog.

    Nemo continued to have a great morning… Wayne is known for having one of the biggest show jumping courses in the country, and this year was no exception. Nemo jumped REALLY well–forward in a great rhythym and with all the right striding. He jumped beautifully, and Lori at Xpress foto caught the most fabulous photos of him!!! He was excellent, and still managed to finish 5th in the CIC***.

    We’re all covered with mosquito bites and exhausted heading home from Chicago, but have learned so much this weekend and are so excited for the rest of the year!

  10. holzeph says:

    WOW, 5th in a three-star?!? and he’s still such a young’un!!! Sounds like everything turned out well in the end with tons of good experience under their belts! Can’t wait to see more photos…

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