Antebellum CT Wrap Up

It was a day for babies at the Antebellum CT on July 7, 2008!   We decided to take all of the youngest and the greenest out for some well deserved mileage, and picked up alot of laughs in the process…. We had great fun!

Visa had his first off-farm show, where he was a really good boy.  While competing in the BN CT, he was all humor when he elected to knock down the dressage arena–while circling outside of it!  He found the swans holding up the arena entry at A to be a little scary, but after that he elected to perform a very settled, well behaved test!  He scored an excellent 38 in dressage!  His first SJ round ever was a little green, and he thought perhaps the BN course was very spooky.  Ashley Sager did a terrific job of gentle, kind persuasion and convinced him to jump everything, but the spooking cost them two rails.  All in all, it was a very well ridden but wiggly round.  He then came back to perform in the Novice CT, where his dressage was very good!  One flying change in the canter cost him a point or two, and all in all he pulled off a very respectable 39 for an excellent test for a baby.  His Novice jumping was far improved, and he cantered the whole course much more confidently.  You could see the little baby grow up before your eyes!  He was very mature and jumped around the Novice course really well, having only one simple rail in an otherwise very nice course!

Dolce was amazing… He also competed in his first off-farm show today, where he was ridden by Ali Zeitlin.  He was incredibly good all day, except for a moment in dressage warmup where he had a racing flashback and was quite convinced that Ali was the tallest jockey he’d ever known!  He settled very nicely and was gorgeous in the ring, where he received a 38 in dressage!  He jumped clean in his Starter Beginnner Novice class to finish an excellent 5th place in a very big class of horses.

Sommolier is becoming all grown up as well… Jane did an excellent job all day with him.  In the first test, Intro B has the rider halt going into the arena, something eventing tests no longer perform at the  lower levels.  So Sandy thought the test was complete as soon as it started and halted at X nicely, but refused to move forward afterwards!  hahahaa  They recovered nicely for a respectable 43.  Their Starter show jumping round was great, and Sandy was quite the quiet little hunter with his lead changes and all, placing him a good 8th in the big division.  They returned to the dressage arena for their BN test, where the test was absolutely gorgeous and he looked very, very fancy.  Jane received two 8’s (which are always something to be proud of!) for a 30’s something score (I can’t remember the exact #…. Too many of our riders in the 30’s today! ha     It was beautiful!  They had a great SJ round and Sandy has this all figured out!  Just one rail and he was quite excellent and all grown up! 

Kim Branscom and Trooper came down for the weekend to join us… The have joined us for both summer clinics, and have been working very hard on their dressage skills…. I would be willing to go out on a limb and say they achieved great things in the dressage today…. This pair scored 32 in dressage!!!!!!!!  Well done!  They achieved a beautiful, forward show jumping round for a double clean and 6th place in a HUGE division of very, very nice horses (maybe 25 in the class?). 

Ryan was a good boy today… It is such a good experience to take a baby out to a show atmosphere and ride him for 5 hours…. You pass through stages of good, tired, whiney, and then you finally reach the penultimate…. BROKE.   I can soundly say that each of our babies is well broken now!  They learn rapidly to behave well and conserve their energy!!  🙂  Ryan was terrific in his first test of the day at BN for a 36 in dressage… He is an amazing horse to ride!!!  The second test made him a little tired, though, and when horses decided to run in the next field over, we experienced some bunny hopping in our test.  I elected that, since hopefully my TK stallion will do more important things in the future than a novice CT, it would be smarter to school him in the ring and learn the lesson.  I added a circle to the middle of my test to teach him to be 100% workmanlike.  Unfortunately the judge elected to call this 2 errors (????) and penalized him by 6 points.  To Ryan’s benefit, though, I won the discussion and he returned to being workmanlike and excellent.  His first SJ round was good… He was brave and bold and honest.  He had two rails as we learned about each other in the first round, but it was a great learning experience.   In the Novice class, he far prefferred the larger fences, and he jumped really well to have just one rail at the downhill vertical.  He was excellent and I am very, very pumped about his future!!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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2 Responses to Antebellum CT Wrap Up

  1. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Thank you so much! Dolce was so much fun to ride, and he was fabulous this weekend. Great job to everyone else!

  2. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Megan: Thank you SO MUCH for another awesome weekend at Team CEO!!! I really appreciate your interest in our goals – you have helped us tremendously! I had goosebumps when I saw you on Trooper Sat! You certainly bring out the best in him! It was wonderful to have you help us Sunday too at the show – it made such a difference in my riding! I think we’re on our way… Thanks again to you, and your working students &
    boarders – who always make us feel so welcome! – Kim B.

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