Midsouth Wrap Up Part 1


Let’s talk about eventing perseverence, shall we?

In the wake of some shocking news to Belinda that she just found out she only has 1 week left in the country, she pulled herself together to compete in her very first Novice Level horse trial!  She jumped clean on XC while moving up her project horse Relish as well.  They had a terrific XC round and even made the time! 

When Becca was in the heat of her first Preliminary Horse Trial, a timing glitch came just when she went to trot around the outside of the dressage arena!  Instead, she had to come back to the warmup and wait another ten minutes to go… Talk about nerve wrecking!!!  Ahh, eventers can handle it all…. She packaged it all and had a stellare first Preliminary finish, with a great XC round with just one stop and just one rail in stadium!  Chris is only about 15.2h and has developed with Becca from an OTTB to now an upper level event horse!!  What a stellar weekend!

And sometimes in eventing you love when you can rely on the horses and people in your life… Having spent two weeks limping around, spending time in bed, and aspiring to a personal Advil sponsorship, competing four horses this weekend was an ominous task.  All week, I struggled in pain to even be able to ride just two horses in a day, and yet I was about to run four in a HT, three at Prelim.  UGH!  But eventing teaches you to be tough, and the love of cross country seems to mask any pain a rider might feel.   Nemo has come SOOOOOO far on the flat and I am so very psyched, and he scored an excellent 32 in dressage at Prelim!!! He felt stellar, and stayed really quiet and through.  He ran very fast on XC and show jumped double clean in a really smooth, rhythmical round that I was absolutely psyched with!  Nemo finished 3rd in his division!  Hopper had a good weekend, although a touch of bucking in the medium canter killed his otherwise very good test to a 40.  He was excellent on cross country, and show jumped fairly well…. He believes he is the reincarnation of King William, the horse Mary King rode to multiple Badmintons, always in the lead after XC until he had a ton of rails in SJ.   Hopper aspires to fill his shoes, which caused Phillip to reccomment that I just buy another horse.  I love Hopper though, and it really is getting better, and he finished 8th in his division.     And now for Ziggy!!!   Ziggy, ironically, has always been the most consistent dressage horse of the three…. Go figure!  He scored a 38 in dressage (the lead was a 34 in his division) with a great, solid test.  Last year was a bit sad for Ziggy, as he was STELLAR every time out but I went slow quite a few times because the drought was plaguing us with concrete like footing… So last year I sacraficed good results on him for good soundness.  This year, though, life is much better!!  I LOVE surprising people with just how fast he can be!  He pulled off the fourth fastest XC time in his whole division!!!  And then, over a very tough Richard Lamb stadium course with some of the wildest turns we’ve ever seen in competition, my fancy little pony jumped double CLEAN!!  He finished a fabulous third!!  Talk about making your pain go away in a hurry!

I got the opportunity again this weekend to compete Catherine Fruth’s Buddy. He scored an excellent and much improved 30.5 in dressage!  We jumped XC double clean, just a couple seconds over speed faults because he had such an easy, flawless round.  He jumped really well in SJ, jumping clean until fence 8.  At fence 8, we found a great distance, and just scored a little bad luck when a tiny touch of the rail caused it to fall!!  It dropped him from 2nd to 6th…. While I was really sad for him, I was very proud of how brave he was all weekend. 



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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