Group Lesson This Week

Hi guys!  We’re inviting you all to a group lesson this Saturday, July 5.  There are two options:

1)  Eventing Clinic:    9:30am Show Jumping Lesson.  Group discussions and lessons on braiding, attire, vet care, etc.  Noon  A fabulous catered lunch from Just Stix for a group picnic on the farm.  1:30pm  Group cross country lesson including gallop speeds and a special full steeplechase course!!!  $90  ($60 for boarders)  Cocktails and refreshments served afterwards.

2)  Mini Clinic:  Noon Catered lunch from Just Stix for a group picnic on the farm.  (If you haven’t eaten there before, you are REALLY going to be wondering what you’ve been missing!!)  Great group talk over lunch, and have a great time.  1:30 Group cross country lesson including gallop speeds and a specuak full steeplechase course!!!  $50  ($40 for boarders)    Cocktails & refreshments served afterwards. 

It’s going to be GREAT fun!!

I will be available for individual lessons on July 1, but will be out of town on July 8 to compete at Maui Jim CIC***… Keep your fingers crossed!   So the lessons on Saturday will be a great makeup for the July 8 lessons I’ll miss. 


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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11 Responses to Group Lesson This Week

  1. equestriquin says:

    😦 I’m going home for a wedding. So sad to miss it! And I’m missing Just Stix too!! sigh….Another time!

  2. askaggs says:

    Wow, what a great sounding weekend. I haven’t figured out how to accommodate: the horse that has arthritis and needs his joints babied, the horse that is rehabbing from a nervous breakdown, the one rider that doesn’t canter, the other rider that doesn’t jump and the fact that I am short a horse. Life is too complicated! I’m so glad Megan and Team CEO are doing well, it gives me hope to think that you will still be there when my life finally straightens out!
    Meanwhile, do you have participation options for the “non-jumping” among us?

  3. holzeph says:

    Would it be possible to come to just the SJ lesson in the morning? I have to hit the road for Indianapolis around noon, but would still love to participate!

  4. Holly…. Definitely come to the SJ lesson in the morning! We’d love to have you join us.

    Annie… We can work on going over ground poles (I can make some pretty thought-provoking courses with just ground poles, don’t you worry!) for the SJ, or we can do dressage, or hack out with the group for XC to be social. No worries… It’ll be a very fun day, with a great lunch, great friends, and *great* refreshments…haha….

  5. hfmoore says:

    What flavor beer?

  6. askaggs says:

    How do you feel about Alltech’s bourbon barrel? ;->

  7. marianz says:

    Sorry to be so late in responding, but if there is still room I would love to come out and play with Dapple!

  8. We’d love to have you and Dapple! I believe Elizabeth Woodward will be joining us, as well as Kim and Trooper!

    Quin, we’ll miss you!

  9. I am very excited… Took the tractor out today to create some completely new cross country questions! Definitely have some new challenges going on, and I’m very excited to see you all conquer them!

  10. Riders I have for Saturday (Please correct me if I’m wrong!)

    ***9:30am Show Jumping***

    ***11:00am Discussions***
    Braiding, Studs, 10 minute box, q&a, any requests?
    ***Noon Lunch***

    ***1:00 Dressage***
    Kim/ Trooper

    ***1:30 Cross Country and Steeplechase***
    Ashley Sager/Visa
    Ashley Watkins/?

    PLEASE let me know if I accidently left someone off this list who would like to come!

  11. askaggs says:

    This is going to be a BLAST! I can’t wait to see you all and play!

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