The Great Debate: What to do on August 3?

Jane completing her first Training at Midsouth HT 6/08!Ahhh, each year the great debate returns… What event shall we attend on the weekend of August 3?  We have River Glen in TN (BN to OI), Penny Oaks in IN (BN to P), and Summer School MT in KY (Starter & BN). 

Summer school always offers friendly courses in a low-key setting, great for getting the babies out and about.  And it never hurts to only have to drive 5 minutes to a show!  But they are only hosting a Starter MT and BN MT, as well as CT from GS to T.   Penny Oaks is about 2-3 hours away, and offers good courses on flat terrain.  They offer through Prelim which is helpful, though the footing has a tendency to be either rock hard or very deep.  River Glen offers through Intermediate and thus has more choices for levels, but the courses tend to be challenging and are not good moveups. The drive is about 4hrs.

Any opinions?  The three preceeding weekends are Wayne, Champagne Run, and Gemwood, so it’s a busy time of year.


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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2 Responses to The Great Debate: What to do on August 3?

  1. bzhorse says:

    I believe I’m planning on going to Penny Oaks, mainly because I really like the courses at Hoosier. Yay for Prelim!!!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Summerschool MT looks like they’re only hosting BN this year, so I think we’ll head off with you to Penny Oaks!!! Beefcake is running his first Training there, Ryan is moving up to Novice, Sandy is running BN, and Paddy will be challenging Beef to the Training course!

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